Keep all your food and drinks fresh and cold when you are on the road without using ICE! Save $50 every day on the road when you carry the Kargo Kooler in your car, truck, camper and the boat! No More expensive fast food stops along the way, no more buying ice and no more melting mess! Kargo Kooler uses solid state thermoelectric cooling technology and cools without using expensive and environmentally unfriendly gases, condensers or compressors. With a generous 33 quart capacity, and no need for ice, there is ample room for all the favourite food, snacks and drinks for your entire family! And that’s not all, you can use the Kargo Kooler to keep that pot luck meal or pies warm as you take them to your next party, or to carry that favourite take-out home. With a simple reversing of the power cord, you can use Kargo Kooler to keep food warm





"It saved us hundreds of dollars"amily loves it,
I love it I'm, not going to leave home without it."

"I don't even use my regular cooler anymore!" "Everybody needs a Kargo Kooler!"