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    Koolatron's Michelin Products

     Koolatron offers the very best of quality products from Michelin - a brand known for its unparalleled quality.

    We offer a wide range of snow brushes, 12v Michelin Soft-sided Travel Cooler an Ultimate Car Wash Kit and an awesome 50L Tool Chest Fridge.

    We have basic snow brushes to hybrid ones, and also telescopic snow brushes- the options are endless. We also have a range of extendable snow brushes to reach those far off or high places that are otherwise impossible to clean. If you want to reach corners, we also have snow brushes that easily bend at angles.

    When winters come, snow brushes are not a luxury but a basic necessity. You can be better prepared, better organized and able to plan your days better. These snow brushes can be used on multiple surfaces, giving you a versatile use. Choose from Michelin or Oskar snow brushes in aluminum or other materials.

    Order Michelin products from Koolatron today!

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    12v Michelin Soft-sided Travel Cooler. 14 Liter (15q) Cooler and Warmer


    Product Benefits:

    • 15 quart, or 14 liter capacity holds up to 20 cans – ideal portable travel cooler for road trips, camping, boating and more
    • 12 volt thermoelectric cooling technology – plugs into the 12 volt power plug in any car, truck, SUV, RV or boat
    • Cools up to 40F (20 C) below surrounding temperature without any ice - the only moving part is the small 12-volt fan that ensures even air distribution
    • Soft-bag exterior with multiple pockets – zippered pockets ideal for organizing and storing things like keys, cell phones, cutlery, and serviettes while on the go
    • Bungee cords to secure loose items – top bungee cord can be used to secure loose items on the top of the cooler
    • Quick access lid that keeps cool air inside – quick access lid helps trap the cold air and lets you quickly grab a drink or food, without unzipping the entire top flap
    • USB plug for easy charging in vehicles – while the cooler is plugged in, this usb port can be used to help charge your mobile devices
    • Hard shell interior with soft bag exterior – plastic interior is easy to clean can be easily wiped down with a damp cloth

    Michelin 25" Basic Snow Brush

    • Curved brush tip for improved cleaning
    • Length: 25.5"
    • 3 rows of soft-touch PVC bristles on brush head
    • Comfortable easy-grip foam handle
    • Extra wide ice scraper built-in
    • Ergonomic handle on brush head makes ice scraping easier
    • Lightweight & durable design

    Michelin 32" Hybrid Snow Brush

    • Length: 32"
    • Multiple head position: sweeping and pull/push
    • Angled and double soft touch PVC bristles
    • Extra strong ice scraper blade made of polypropylene for getting through thick ice

    Michelin 34"-49.5" Hybrid Telescopic Snow Brush

    • Length: telescoping 34" to 49.5"
    • Ideal for larger vehicles and heavy snow storms
    • Swivel brush head allows for sweeping and pull/push snow removal functions
    • Detachable head turns into small snow brush to quickly remove small accumulations of snow: length 33 cm (13")
    • Multiple head position: sweeping and pull/push
    • Built-in ice-pick to tackle stubborn ice build-up

    Michelin 35" Basic Snow Brush

    • Curved brush tip for improved cleaning
    • Length: 35"
    • 3 rows of soft-touch PVC bristles on brush head
    • Comfortable easy-grip foam handle
    • Extra wide ice scraper built-in
    • Ergonomic handle makes ice scraping easier
    • Lightweight & durable design

    Michelin 35"-45" Basic Telescopic Snow Brush

    • Telescoping handle extends brush from 35" to 45" reach
    • Ideal for larger vehicles, minivans, SUVs, and trucks
    • 3 rows of soft-touch PVC bristles
    • Aluminum handle
    • Ergonomic foam grip on handle
    • Built-in extra wide ice scraper on handle
    • Durable and high-quality design

    Michelin Tool Chest Fridge, 50 L (1.8 cubic foot) Compact Fridge


    Product Benefits:

    • 50L compact fridge and tool drawers in one package – 1.8 cubic foot fridge with three tool drawers on top
    • Classic Michelin graphics – ideal for automotive enthusiasts and an ideal addition to any garage or shop floor
    • 3 sliding drawers – Ideal for storing tools and features stainless steel drawer trim
    • Durable 3" heavy duty front locking swivel castors for easy mobility – wheel this storage unit and fridge combo to where you are to keep drinks close by
    • Compressor cooling – efficient and reliable cooling keep your drinks and food fresh
    • Manually adjustable temperature range between 32 – 50°F (0-10 C) – adjust the cooling to suit your needs
    • Adjustable fridge shelf – customize the interior storage space for greater versatility
    • Interior fridge light – lights up the interior fridge cabinet so you can see what’s inside

    Michelin Ultimate Car Wash Kit 4 piece Set


    Product Benefits:

    • 4-piece complete car wash kit – the only set you need this summer to make sure your vehicle shines
    • 4.5 gallon capacity car wash bucket with built-in grate and holding tray – built-in grate prevents stones and debris from being transferred back on your vehicle
    • Holding tray can be installed inside or outside of bucket – ideal for storing your wash accessories
    • 1 chenille microfiber wash mitt – made from ultra soft, lint-free chenille microfiber to soak up the maximum amount of soap and water
    • 1 squeegee for streak-free window cleaning - ergonomic non-slip grip to remove water off your windows for clear and streak-free results
    • 1 double wheel & spoke brush - clean the inside of the wheel rim with ease and without scratching the surface.


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