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    SIZE - Koolatron offers a massive collection of chest freezers that come in different shapes and sizes. Popular brands include the Large white chest freezer (195 L)White chest freezer 155 L) or a compact chest freezer etc. Depending on the amount of space that you have as well as the purpose for which you need the chest freezer, you can go for a small or large chest freezer. Generally, chest freezers take more space than the other types of freezers of similar capacity. So, look out for the size when you want to make your next purchase.

    ADJUSTABLE THERMOSTAT (Fast Freeze function) - Sometimes there might be a need to regulate the temperature of the chest freezer to suit your pressing need. Our unique brands of chest freezers come with an adjustable temperature control feature that can be used to manually regulate the temperature of the chest freezer.

    INTERNAL LIGHT - All Koolatron Chest Freezers come with the interior light. This is important to help identify food. So, depending on where you want to keep the freezer, it is safer to buy one that has lights inside the chest freezer.

    LOCK - whether it is for general privacy or to protect certain things from kids, the lock is an important feature to look out for in chest freezers. Luckily, there is hardly any chest freezer that does not come with a lock.


    Performance and efficiency at it's best

    If you are looking for a blend of performance and efficiency then our range of chest freezers will offer you just that. Our chest freezers utilize the most recent compression technology to ensure that you have your favorite drinks chilled in no time. Likewise, the power consumption is quite minimal. Whether you decide to go for the Large white chest freezer (6.9 cubic feet) or the smaller variant (5.5 cubic feet), our chest freezers meet the energy star rating for power efficiency as it only requires 110v of power to function.

    Overview of Chest Freezer

    A chest freezer typically has the shape of a box or chest with a lid that opens upwards. chest freezers come in different sizes but with the same shape and pattern of design. While many chest freezers have single doors, the very large ones often have 2 top-mounted lids. The sizes could be as small as 2.1 cubic feet to the very large ones in the range up to 40 cubic feet. Hence, chest freezers offer a whole lot of space for storage and as such require lots of space as well. Chest freezers are very effective in storing food that requires very low temperatures for a long period of time. Even during power outages, chest freezers have the capacity to keep the stored foods frozen for days which makes them very important. At Koolatron, we currently have a Large white chest freezer (6.9 cubic feet) and a smaller variant (5.5 cubic feet). These chest freezers are made from leak and rust resistant materials to offer maximum durability over long usage.

    Be the Judge

    Our range of products runs on the latest technology to ensure maximum efficiency and minimal power consumption. Koolatron offers a collection of chest freezers that you can always count on.