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Koolatron P20 Thermoelectric Digital Precision Control Cooler TC-2

  • Built-in thermostat customized to your cooling needs
  • Can be plugged into any cigarette lighter
  • AC adapter included
  • Long-life brushless motor powers interior convection fan to keep air flowing through the cooler

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Cooler Hinge (P75, P85, P9, P95)

  • Fits in P75, P9, P85, P95 coolers
$3.95 CAD

Slide Latch Kit

  • Fits all Koolatron coolers with a sliding latch
  • Includes slide latch and 3 catches
  • Not all catches are required by all models
$4.95 CAD

P75/P85/P95 Slam Latch Kit

  • Fits P75, P85, and P95 coolers
  • Includes both box and lid pieces
$4.95 CAD


  • Ideal for use with: Lentek's PestContro products, night lights, battery chargers, Carbon Monoxide detectors, emergency flashlights, oversized adapters
  • Great for use in various places
$5.59 CAD

Standard Latch Kit

  • Polypropylene over center latches
  • Fits current P9 Traveller II coolers and older model coolers
  • Kit includes 2 latches only
$5.95 CAD

Power Cord Kit

$14.95 CAD

Air Gold Portable Air Purifier

  • Turn switch to HI or LO
  • Blinking LED indicates operation
  • HI mode cycles on 4 minutes/hour, LOW mode cycles on 2.5 minutes/hour
  • Power: 4 C-size batteries operate purifier for 150+ days (batteries not included)
  • Low voltage indicator shows you when to replace batteries
$27.93 CAD

Doubleshaft Motor Kit

  • Fits only double or dual shaft Koolatron coolers
  • Includes fan motor, bracket, with bracket & wires
$29.95 CAD

Koolatron 12V Rechargeable LED Flashlight

  • Plugs into 12V power outlet for recharging, no batteries needed
  • Powerful LED light
  • On/OFF Switch
$29.99 CAD

Koolatron 12V USB Travel Mug

  • Plugs into any 12 volt power outlet or USB port
  • Ergonimic design
  • Stainless steel interior and exterior
  • Double wall vacuum insulation
  • Heat-retaining air-tight lid
$29.99 CAD

Koolatron 12V Corded Work Light

  • Slim design
  • 30 super-bright white LED lights
  • 180 lumens
  • 10ft power cord
  • Hanging hook rotates 360 degrees
$29.99 CAD

Koolatron 12V Direct Plug-In Fan

  • Stay cool while on the go
  • Plugs into 12V power outlet, no batteries needed
  • Flexible design
  • On/OFF switch
$29.99 CAD

15" Neon Tube

  • Light up your vehicle with this bright neon red or blue lamp
  • Mount inside or on the outside of your car
    • Side Mounting:
      Mount tubes on chassis or vehicle frame as close to the rocker panels as possible
    • Rear or Under Grille:
      Mount tubes on chassis or vehicle frame as close to the vehicle front or rear as possible
    • Interior:
      Find a safe, flat surface suitable for mounting, such as under the seats or on speaker boxes
$29.99 CAD

Rubber Broom - 2 Pack

  • Set of 2 rubber brooms
  • Squeegee head
  • Telescopic handle
  • Soft polymer bristles won't scratch
  • Electro statically attracts dust and pet hair
  • One tool for dry and liquid spills
$34.93 CAD

Koolatron 12V 1L Flask

  • 1 liter capacity
  • Plugs into any 12 V power outlet
  • Stainless-steel interior and exterior
  • Double wall vacuum insulation
  • Lid doubles as insulated serving cup
$39.99 CAD

Koolatron 12V Cigarette Lighter Socket with USB Connection

Charge your smartphone, tablet or other electronic devices while on the road. Featuring two USB ports, this socket plugs into your vehicles 12V outlet and requires minimal power. Perfect for longer trips when one battery charge isn't enough. The dual USB sockets allow passengers to charge multiple devices at once. Don't be caught with a dead battery on your next trip; pick up a 12V cigarette lighter socket from Koolatron!
$39.99 CAD

Koolatron 12V Air Compressor

  • Plugs into all 12 V power outlets
  • Ideal for roadside emergencies
  • 20" pressure hose with lock
  • 9 foot power cord included
  • 2 nozzle adapters and sports needle included
  • Built-in 250 PSI pressure gauge
$39.99 CAD

Koolatron 12V Digital FM Transmitter

  • Play music from your personal music player over any FM radio
  • Fits any smart device 3.5" jack
  • Hands-free function provides safety while driving
  • Smart button design with fidelity stereo
  • Full frequency list
  • Powered by a rechargeable lithium ion battery
$39.99 CAD

Koolatron 12V Baby Bottle Warmer

  • 12V Universal plug
  • Zipper top for easy access
  • Cord storage pouch for safety
  • Convenient carry handle & belt mount
  • Heat cans, bottles, or jars
$39.99 CAD

Pet Area Ionic Deodorizer

  • Removes unpleasant pet odors with negative ions
  • Silently circulates super-oxygenated molecules into air
  • Boost mode available for excess odors
  • Mounting brackets included
  • Ideal for home with multiple pets
  • Requires 4 x C batteries (not included)
$41.99 CAD

National Geographic Animal Clock

  • National geographic animal sounds clock
  • Features animal sounds from around the world
  • Offers a different animal noise for each hour
  • Comes with an educational booklet with detailed information about each of the featured animals
$41.99 CAD

Koolatron 12V AutoKool System

  • Cools vehicle interior
  • Reduce air conditioning & fuel consumption
  • Solar-powered
  • Whisper-quiet operation
  • No batteries required
$49.99 CAD

Cell Phone AC/DC Charger

  • Provides 5V DC power
  • Great for powering and charging cell phones & media players
  • Multiple adapters included to fit various electronics
  • Plugs directly into 12 volt plug
$49.99 CAD