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    12v Michelin Soft-sided Travel Cooler. 14 Liter (15q) Cooler and Warmer


    Product Benefits:

    • 15 quart, or 14 liter capacity holds up to 20 cans – ideal portable travel cooler for road trips, camping, boating and more
    • 12 volt thermoelectric cooling technology – plugs into the 12 volt power plug in any car, truck, SUV, RV or boat
    • Cools up to 40F (20 C) below surrounding temperature without any ice - the only moving part is the small 12-volt fan that ensures even air distribution
    • Soft-bag exterior with multiple pockets – zippered pockets ideal for organizing and storing things like keys, cell phones, cutlery, and serviettes while on the go
    • Bungee cords to secure loose items – top bungee cord can be used to secure loose items on the top of the cooler
    • Quick access lid that keeps cool air inside – quick access lid helps trap the cold air and lets you quickly grab a drink or food, without unzipping the entire top flap
    • USB plug for easy charging in vehicles – while the cooler is plugged in, this usb port can be used to help charge your mobile devices
    • Hard shell interior with soft bag exterior – plastic interior is easy to clean can be easily wiped down with a damp cloth

    15" Neon Tube

    • Light up your vehicle with this bright neon red or blue lamp
    • Mount inside or on the outside of your car
      • Side Mounting:
        Mount tubes on chassis or vehicle frame as close to the rocker panels as possible
      • Rear or Under Grille:
        Mount tubes on chassis or vehicle frame as close to the vehicle front or rear as possible
      • Interior:
        Find a safe, flat surface suitable for mounting, such as under the seats or on speaker boxes

    Best Cooler & 12v Electric Fridge. Ideal for Camping, Boating, Trucking, and Road Trips. Portable 24 Liter (26qt.) Capacity


    Product Benefits:

    • Thermoelectric Cooling Technology – Delivers the cooling power of a block of ice without the mess or cost of ice required for traditional ice chests
    • 26 quart (24 L) capacity holds up to 31 cans – This personal sized 12 v electric cooler comes with a removable sliding shelf to organize your snacks and drinks.
    • Cools to 36 F (18C) below the surrounding temperature – thermoelectric 12 v cooling technology lets you avoid the cost and mess of ice
    • Plugs into any 12 volt power outlet – This portable travel cooler can be used in your car, truck, SUV, boat or RV and is ideal for a picnics or a day at the beach
    • Removable lid and flip-up locking handle – Our iceless coolers are designed to be portable and easy to clean
    • Built-in cord storage compartment – This smart storage compartment will ensure the 12 volt power cord is always on hand when you need on-the-go cooling
    • One year warranty – Koolatron thermoelectric coolers are proudly made in North America and backed with a one year manufacturer’s warranty

    Cell Phone AC/DC Charger

    • Provides 5V DC power
    • Great for powering and charging cell phones & media players
    • Multiple adapters included to fit various electronics
    • Plugs directly into 12 volt plug

    Compact 7 Liter (8qt) 12v Electric Cooler. Great for your Car, Truck, Boat RV and Camping


    Product Benefits:

    • Iceless thermoelectric cooling – reliable cooling keeps your drinks and snacks cool while you are on the go
    • 8 quart (7L) capacity cooler – major cooling power in an incredible compact design
    • Plugs into any 12 volt vehicle plug – uses only 3 amps of power and is ideal for use in cars, trucks, SUVs, boats and RVs
    • Portable cooler has a hard sided exterior – durable design with only one moving part and smooth plastic interior that is easy to clean
    • Cools to 40 F below the surrounding temperature – this travel coolers uses thermoelectric cooling technology which is unaffected by tilting or vibration
    • Warms to 135F (57C) – ideal for storing a hot lunch or warm drinks and take-out food
    • Proudly made in North America – Koolatron coolers are backed with a one year manufacturer’s warranty for your peace of mind

    Iceless 34 Liters (36qt) 12v Thermoelectric Travel Cooler or Warmer. Ideal for your Car, SUV, Truck, Boat and RV


    Product Benefits:

    • No need for Ice! - The Koolatron thermoelectric cooling system will guarantee your food and drinks are cool while you’re out on the go
    • 36 quart (34 Litre) capacity can hold up to 57 cans of your favorite beverage - This makes it perfect for taking drinks and food to tail gate events, sporting events, or for your next family road trip
    • This cooler plugs directly into any car, truck or RV 12V outlet – This is a convenient lightweight and adaptable iceless cooler. It even uses less power than your car’s tail light!
    • This great cooler, cools to 40 F (22C) - Instead of throwing ice inside this cooler, simply plug it into any 12 volt vehicle plug. Far more efficient than other coolers!
    • Also, perfect for warming your food! - Easily warm your food or snacks to 149 F, or 65 C– Use it to keep your take-out food warm or transport picnics, or warm dishes to a family gathering
    • Used this cooler vertically or horizontally exactly like a a fridge – Easily fits into any vehicle. Our electric coolers are the ideal accessory for truckers and road trips.
    • Utilize the removable shelf – best for organizing and separating food and drinks within the cooler. Great for your next camping or boating trip.
    • Comes with a One year warranty! – That’s right, we stand by our products to give you peace of mind you have purchased a quality product. We are confident you will love your Koolatron 12 volt cooler.
    • North America made – Koolatron is a leader in the thermoelectric industry and for 30 years has proudly made 12volt coolers in Canada and North America.

    Koolatron 12V Auto Heater

    • Works as an instant defroster
    • Built-in safety limit switch
    • Adjust 45 degrees vertically or 90 degrees horizontally for maximum warmth
    • 6 foot power cord included
    • Easy-to-use, compact design
    • 150 Watts power 
    • 12A minimum current requirement 

    Koolatron 12V AutoKool System

    • Cools vehicle interior
    • Reduce air conditioning & fuel consumption
    • Solar-powered
    • Whisper-quiet operation
    • No batteries required

    Koolatron 12V Baby Bottle Warmer

    • 12V Universal plug
    • Zipper top for easy access
    • Cord storage pouch for safety
    • Convenient carry handle & belt mount
    • Heat cans, bottles, or jars

    Koolatron 12V Beverage Heater

    • Ideal for heating up water for instant coffee, tea, hot soup mixes and instant soups
    • A good companion for vacationers or travelers
    • Baby food stand with spoon and fork included
    • Store all accessories within the body
    • Powers from 12 Volt outlet

    Koolatron 12V Corded Work Light

    • Slim design
    • 30 super-bright white LED lights
    • 180 lumens
    • 10ft power cord
    • Hanging hook rotates 360 degrees

    Koolatron 12V Digital FM Transmitter

    • Play music from your personal music player over any FM radio
    • Fits any smart device 3.5" jack
    • Hands-free function provides safety while driving
    • Smart button design with fidelity stereo
    • Full frequency list
    • Powered by a rechargeable lithium ion battery

    Koolatron 12V Direct Plug-In Fan

    • Stay cool while on the go
    • Plugs into 12V power outlet, no batteries needed
    • Flexible design
    • On/OFF switch

    Koolatron 12V Lunch Box Stove

    • Cooks/warms food up to 300°F
    • Plug directly into your vehicle’s 12V plug
    • Enjoy hot meals on the road or at your work site
    • Direct wired for secure connection
    • Easy cord wrap and storage

    Koolatron 12V Oscillating Auto Fan

    • Oscillating fan
    • Adjustable neck
    • Plugs into 12 V power outlet
    • 6 foot cord included
    • ON/OFF switch

    Koolatron 12V Rechargeable LED Flashlight

    • Plugs into 12V power outlet for recharging, no batteries needed
    • Powerful LED light
    • On/OFF Switch

    Koolatron 12V Solar Trickle Charger 1.9W

    • Charges in all weather conditions
    • Trickle charge and maintains 12 V batteries in a full charged state
    • Max output 1.9 W, 115mAh
    • Plugs directly into 12 V DC plug or directly into battery
    • Little installation required

    Koolatron 12V Solar Trickle Charger 6W

    • Charges in all weather conditions
    • Ideal for cars, RVs, boats, trailers, and electric fences
    • Trickle charge and maintains 12 V batteries in a full charged state
    • Max output 6 W, 415 mAh
    • Plugs directly into 12 V DC plug or directly into battery
    • Little installation required

    Koolatron 12V USB 500 ml Travel Mug

    • Plugs into any 12 volt power outlet or USB port
    • 500 ml capacity
    • Ergonimic design
    • Stainless steel interior and exterior
    • Double wall vacuum insulation
    • Heat-retaining air-tight lid

    Koolatron 12V Wet/Dry Canister Vacuum

    • Plugs into all 12V power outlets
    • One gallon capacity
    • Crevice brush and inflating tools included
    • Use for removing wet or dry material

    Koolatron P20 Thermoelectric Digital Precision Control Cooler TC-2

    Call for pricing
    • Built-in thermostat customized to your cooling needs
    • Can be plugged into any cigarette lighter
    • AC adapter included
    • Long-life brushless motor powers interior convection fan to keep air flowing through the cooler

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    Large Iceless 31 Liter (33 Quarts) 12v Electric Cooler. Themoelectric, Portable Plug-in Travel Cooler


    Product Benefits:

    • Iceless design - Plugs into any 12 volt vehicle plug for reliable and long lasting cooling
    • 33 quart (31L) capacity - Holds up to 42 cans. Great for carrying cold drinks and snacks for sports events, road trips, or use it to keep groceries cold while you run errands. Efficient and durable design– This hard-sided thermoelectric cooler uses less power than your vehicle’s tail light when plugged into a 12 v outlet.
    • Cooler and warmer in one – In cold mode this cooler cools to 40 F (22C) below the surrounding temperature or use it in warm mode to warm food up to 149F
    • Unique split lid design - Promotes better accessibility to contents in a tightly packed vehicle
    • Use horizontally or vertically like a fridge - Whether you need a cooler for a day trip or a longer camping or road trip, Koolatron coolers can help keep you refreshed.
    • Two removable shelves included – Use is as a divider or a shelf to help organize your food and snacks when you travel or head out camping.
    • One year warranty included – We know you will love your Koolatron travel cooler. Our warranty gives you peace of mind.
    • Made in North America – Our 12 volt coolers have been proudly made in North America since 1983

    Large Plug in Cooler. 49 Liter (52 qt) 12 volt Electric Iceless Fridge. Perfect for Parties, Camping, RVing and Road Trips


    Product Benefits:

    • Large 49 liter capacity (52 quart) - Our largest 12 volt electric travel cooler. Fits up to 80 cans so you can stay refreshed and share with all your friends.
    • Keep your drinks cool and your food warm – Simply reverse the power cord to turn your cooler into a warmer
    • No mess and easy to carry - Without the need for ice, this cooler is convenient for travel. Ideal for your car, SUV, RV, boat or truck
    • Portable fridge with thermoelectric technology - Cools down to 40F below the surrounding temperature or warming mode heats to 149F or 60C
    • Plug in to any 12v vehicle outlet – Portable travel cool box for road trips, picnics, tailgating, sports events, and camping
    • Portable designed cooler - Use in 2 positions, upright or chest to get the most out of your electric cooler
    • Durable design – Cooling or heating is not affected by travelling. Ideal for truckers, campers and anyone heading on a long road trip
    • Our 1 year warranty – This covers parts, labour and gives you peace of mind. Our plug in travel coolers are built to last in any environment
    • Made in North America – Koolatron is a global leader in thermoelectric technology and has proudly manufactured 12 volt coolers in North America for over 30 years