Koolatron Automotive Car Accessories


The Koolatron's commitment to serving the Automotive needs can be seen in our expanding line of products that are fully qualified for today's demanding lifestyles. Available in a variety of segments for day-to-day applications, our Automotive 12 v Accessories are designed to satisfy your every need.

Koolatron one of the leading Manufacturer of High-Quality Automotive electronic product such as Car Accessories, 12V Coolers and Warmers.

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Koolatron 12V Battery Saver

  • Prevents drainage of your car battery
  • Automatically stops power current 12 volt accessories when power dips below 11 volts
  • Works in any vehicle with a standard 12 volt outlet
  • Automatically reconnects when you start your vehicle
£29.95 incl tax

Koolatron Power Adapter AC16

The Koolatron AC Adapter lets you use any 12 volt appliance indoors, outdoors, or on the road!

  • Converts 110/120 V AC to 12 V DC for Koolatron accessories rated at 5 amps or less
  • Use to operate your Koolatron cooler from any 110/120 V receptacle
  • Auto reset circuit breaker
  • Consumes less than 5 amps of power
  • 6 ft. power cord
£29.99 incl tax