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    Manufacturer: Coca-Cola

    Coca-Cola® Polar Bear Mini Fridge 6 Can AC/DC Cooler/Warmer

    £69.95 incl tax

    Product Features

    • ICONIC POLAR BEAR GRAPHICS Featuring Coke’s famous polar bear artwork, a holiday staple for nearly 100 years
    • COMPACT AND CONVENIENT Personal mini fridge with rounded retro refrigerator silhouette holds six standard cans and fits easily on a desk or shelf
    • 12V DC/230V AC CAPABLE Portable cooler with inset handhold on top is perfect for your home, dorm, or office or on the go in your truck, boat, trailer, or RV
    • SAFE STORAGE Conveniently and safely store beverages, yogurt, fruit, juice, cheese, breastmilk, cosmetics, medication, baby bottles at home, work or travel
    • ECO-FRIENDLY COOLING AND WARMING CFC-free thermoelectric technology effectively keeps items cool to 32°F (18°C) below room temperature or changes to hot mode to keep items warm up to 135°F (57°C)
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    Always Coca-Cola®

    Do you remember when you first saw the Coke polar bears? Their first TV appearance was a holiday-themed ad in 1993, but they have actually been used in print ads since 1922 These cuddly bears have been featured annually since their TV debut and even scored their own Super Bowl spot! With its eye-catching artwork, vibrant red finish, and sleek chrome handle, this piece is a must-have for fans and collectors.

    Convenient and portable

    This lightweight 4 L/4.2 quart compact mini fridge is the ideal personal cooler/warmer. Efficient, reliable thermoelectric cooling and warming technology with no CFCs makes this the perfect desktop accessory for your home, office, or dorm room. It is AC and DC capable so you can plug it into any standard household outlet or use it in your car, boat or RV.

    Compact and safe storage

    This mini cooler/warmer with removable shelf holds 6 standard 355 mL/12 oz cans. Keep your favourite drinks cold or safely store items such as yogurt, cheese, milk, and infant formula. Switch to warming mode to keep your lunch ready to eat or warm a baby bottle.

    Tips for Best Use

    • For quickest cooling, pre-chill items before placing in mini-fridge
    • Provide at least 3 inches clearance behind the fridge and ensure fan is not blocked for most effective operation
    • Minimize opening and closing and ensure door is closed properly
    • Lowest possible temperature depends on surrounding temperature
    • To avoid draining your vehicle’s battery when using 12V mode, only run cooler/heater when the engine is on

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    Products specifications
    Brand Coca-Cola
    Unit Dimensions L 7.25” ” x D 9.25” x H 10.5”
    Unit Weight 4 lbs
    Package Dimensions L 9.75” x D 7.5” x H 10.75”
    Package Weight 4.62 lbs
    Interior Dimensions L 5.5” X D 5.25” x H 8”
    Wattage 60 Watts
    Amperage 4.5 Amps
    Capacity 4.2 qt, 4 L, holds 6 cans
    Ratings CE, ETL, California Prop 65 Complaint
    Warranty 90 day manufacturer’s warranty
    UPC 059586509865
    Model Number KWC4B
    Color Red
    Material Plastic
    Additional Materials Manual
    Cooling Technology Thermoelectric
    Power 12v DC/230v AC plugs included
    Temperature Range Cools to 32°F (18°C) below ambient temperature; warms to 135°F (57°C)
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