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    Bite Shield Electronic Flying Insect Killer

    • High-tension electric shock kills flying insects on contact
    • Strong and durable ABS casing
    • AC Powered
    • Power cord is 1.7m (5.5 ft.) long with a switch in the middle of it
    • UV light attractant
    • Odorless and silent
    • Hanging ring on top for easy hanging or suspending to ceilings, etc.
    • Portable, handheld design

    Bite Shield MK14 Guardian Pro 1-Acre Cordless Mosquito Trap

    • Covers up to one acre of space
    • Ideal for backyards, farms, cottages, golf courses
    • Powered by thermoelectric technology
    • Cordless design
    • Uses carbon dioxide, moisture, body temperature thermal imaging, a blue light system and an air flow vacuum to capture and kill mosquitos and other flying insects
    • Octenol attractant "Boost" included
    • Sticky tape with hooks boost the capture rate of flying insects
    • 20-pound propane tank required (sold separately)

    Bite Shield Solar Zapper

    • Helps eliminate bugs without the use sprays or chemicals
    • Fully recharges after 8 hours of sunlight
    • 6 volt solar panel
    • 3.6V lithium battery lasts 15 hrs on full charge
    • 1200 V grid voltage
    • Placement options -hang or stake in ground (stake included)
    • On/off switch
    • Extra-large removable catch tray

    Bite Shield MK-12 Guardian 1-Acre Mosquito Trap

    • Built to attract, capture and kill female mosquitoes.
    • Creates CO2 from propane conversion as primary mosquito attractant
    • Utilizes additional mosquito attractants - moisture, thermal imaging, color, shape and airflow
    • Octenol lure included as an additional mosquito attractant - lasts 4 to 6 weeks
    • Sticky Tape included to catch larger biting flying insects and increase your overall capture rate
    • Easy assembly, no tools required
    • 9.5 ft. 110V power cord included
    • Made in Canada - Every unit 100% Tested
    • Requires standard 20 lb. Propane Tank (not included) - lasts 4 to 6 weeks with continuous operation
    • One Year Limited Warranty

    Bite Shield MK-06 Protector 1/4 Acre Mosquito Trap

    • Attracts mosquitoes and keeps them away from you, your family and friends
    • Provides protection for up to 1/4 acre
    • Uses Ultraviolet light, Carbon Dioxide, and Octenol; all proven mosquito attractants
    • No assembly required
    • Compact and weatherproof design
    • Easy-clean filter screen
    • Uses 110-120V AC

    Bite Shield MK-05 Champion 1/2 Acre Mosquito Trap

    • Non-propane electronic mosquito trap
    • Body temperature control for thermal imaging attraction
    • Exclusive blue light lure
    • Airflow - vacuum Fan
    • Booster Octenol attractant cartridge
    • Compact design
    • No assembly required
    • Up to 1/2-acre coverage
    • 1-year warranty
    • Protected capture cup for easy disposal of trapped mosquitoes

    Bite Shield Propane Tank Cover

    • A simple and effective way to protect your propane tank and keep it looking great year round
    • Weather resistant
    • Designed to fit most standard sized propane tanks
    • For use with Bite Shield Mosquito Traps

    Bite Shield 4 Watt Ultraviolet Replacement Bulb for MK-05 and MK-06 - 2 Pack

    • Economical 2-pack for bigger savings
    • Each bulb lasts up to 5,000 hours
    • Wave length: 360nm (nanometers)
    • Replacement bulbs for the Bite Shield Guardian (MK05) and Bite Shield Protector (MK06) Mosquito Traps
    • Also fits Mega-Catch Premier and Ultra Mosquito Traps

    Bite Shield Mosquito Trap Sticky Paper - 3 Pack Refill

    • Increase the catch rates of flying insects around your trap
    • For use with Koolatron Bite Shield MK12 and MK14 Mosquito Traps
    • Simple to install and use

    Bite Shield Octenol Lure - 2 Pack

    • Increase your catch rate
    • Replace cartridge every 21 days
    • Contains 2 (two) individually sealed Octenol cartridges and an S hook
    • Use with any mosquito trap

    Bite Shield MK-85 Wall Mount Flying Insect Trap

    • Wall-mounted indoor flying insect and mosquito killer
    • Ultra Violet (UV) bulb attracts insects to the trap, where a fan pulls them into the trap
    • Once trapped, insects dehydrate and dry
    • Great for bedrooms, kitchens, open rooms, even restaurants
    • Octenol cartridge included to more effectively attract insects

    Bite Shield 15 Watt Flying Insect Killer

    • Indoor or outdoor use
    • Coverage up to 1/2 acre
    • 15W Ultraviolet bulb
    • Grid voltage is 3,000W
    • Uses Photocatalytic technology
    • Weatherproof design
    • Easy clean tray
    • Includes cleaning brush

    Bite Shield Flying Indoor Insect Trap

    • Indoor flying insect trap
    • Lures household flying insects using white LED lights
    • Lures and traps mosquitoes using blue LED UV lights, and soft light waves
    • Ultra-quiet fan
    • Easy to clean detachable base
    • Use as a night light
    • Includes Aromatherapy pads to add your favorite scents for additional use option
    • Powered via included AC adapter or USB connection

    Bite Shield Racket Zapper

    • Kills or stuns biting insects on contact
    • Protective grid for added safety
    • Light-weight and easy to use
    • "Press & Hold" safety switch
    • Uses 2 "AA" batteries (not included)
    • Clip strip included in inner packs

    Bite Shield Wasp Trap

    • Attracts and traps wasps & yellowjackets
    • Easy to use: just add water with bait of your choice and hang in problem areas
    • Safe: pesticide free, non-toxic
    • Reuseable

    Bite Shield Clip-on Refills - 2 Pack

    • Cartridges specifically for use in Koolatron's Bite Shield Portable Clip-on
    • No messy sprays or creams required
    • Up to 15 ft. radius of coverage outdoors and 2000sq. ft. indoor
    • Two cartridges included

    Bite Shield Original Portable Clip-on

    • Keep insects away without toxic sprays, chemicals or messy creams
    • Up to 15 ft. radius of coverage outdoors and up to 2000 sq. ft. indoor
    • Two repellent cartridges included
    • Operates on two “AA” batteries (not included)
    • Standard AC adapter available for direct plug-in (sold separately)
    • Perfect for any outdoor activity
    • Each cartridge offers over 120 hours of use or up to 72 hours constant use

    Bite Shield Ceramic Citronella Candle

    • Cools the cans down to 32°F below the ambient room temperature
    • The thermoelectric cooling system is quiet and reliable
    • Power consumption is only 65 watts
    • Can hold ten 12 oz beverage cans, with 4 cans in each of two separate dispensing sections, and two additional cans in a prechilling section
    • Requires minimal power (120V)

    Bite Shield Citronella 6 oz. Bucket Candle

    • 3% Citronella Paraffin-based
    • Lasts up to 50 hours; TWO wicks
    • Pleasant fragrance, smokeless
    • Candle wax color: pastel red, green and blue
    • Each candle shrink wrapped to preserve the integrity of the citronella additives

    Bite Shield with Citronella 8 oz. Bucket Candle

    • 3% Citronella paraffin-based colored bucket candles (red/blue/green)
    • Lasts up to 50 hours; THREE wicks
    • Pleasant fragrance, smokeless
    • Each candle shrink wrapped to preserve the integrity of the citronella additives

    Bite Shield with Citronella Pillar Candle - 3 Pack

    • Decorative floating candle
    • Pleasant fragrance
    • Decorative candle emits a pleasant yet bug repelling scent as it burns
    • Repels mosquitos & other biting insects up to 36 hours

    Bite Shield

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