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    12v Plug-in Cooler, Best Cooler for Travel and Camping, Portable cooling power


    Product Benefits:

    • Iceless thermoelectric cooling – reliable cooling keeps your drinks and snacks cool while you are on the go
    • 8 quart (7L) capacity cooler – major cooling power in an incredible compact design
    • Plugs into any 12 volt vehicle plug – uses only 3 amps of power and is ideal for use in cars, trucks, SUVs, boats and RVs
    • Portable cooler has a hard sided exterior – durable design with only one moving part and smooth plastic interior that is easy to clean
    • Cools to 40 F below the surrounding temperature – this travel coolers uses thermoelectric cooling technology which is unaffected by tilting or vibration
    • Warms to 135F (57C) – ideal for storing a hot lunch or warm drinks and take-out food
    • Proudly made in North America – Koolatron coolers are backed with a one year manufacturer’s warranty for your peace of mind

    15" Neon Tube

    • Light up your vehicle with this bright neon red or blue lamp
    • Mount inside or on the outside of your car
      • Side Mounting:
        Mount tubes on chassis or vehicle frame as close to the rocker panels as possible
      • Rear or Under Grille:
        Mount tubes on chassis or vehicle frame as close to the vehicle front or rear as possible
      • Interior:
        Find a safe, flat surface suitable for mounting, such as under the seats or on speaker boxes

    AC/DC Hybrid Heat Pipe Thermoelectric 1.7 cu ft Refrigerator

    • Operates on 12 VDC or 110 VAC
    • Uses only 6 amp current at 12 V
    • Great for use in a truck, RV, pop up trailer or a boat
    • Features heat pipe with thermoelectric cooling system
    • Whisper quiet operation
    • Cools by 45°F or 25°C below ambient temperature
    • Compact flush-back design
    • Equipped with LED interior light, adjustable temperature control, and removable shelf


    • Ideal for use with: Lentek's PestContro products, night lights, battery chargers, Carbon Monoxide detectors, emergency flashlights, oversized adapters
    • Great for use in various places

    Air Gold Portable Air Purifier

    • Turn switch to HI or LO
    • Blinking LED indicates operation
    • HI mode cycles on 4 minutes/hour, LOW mode cycles on 2.5 minutes/hour
    • Power: 4 C-size batteries operate purifier for 150+ days (batteries not included)
    • Low voltage indicator shows you when to replace batteries

    Automatic Rechargeable Wine Bottle Opener

    • Contemporary styling and free standing
    • Automatic and rechargeable
    • One charge can open up to 30 bottles

    Best Cooler & 12v Electric Fridge. Ideal for Camping, Boating, Trucking, and Road Trips. Portable 26 Quarts (24 Litre) Capacity


    Product Benefits:

    • Thermoelectric Cooling Technology – Delivers the cooling power of a block of ice without the mess or cost of ice required for traditional ice chests
    • 26 quart (24 L) capacity holds up to 31 cans – This personal sized 12 v electric cooler comes with a removable sliding shelf to organize your snacks and drinks.
    • Cools to 36 F (18C) below the surrounding temperature – thermoelectric 12 v cooling technology lets you avoid the cost and mess of ice
    • Plugs into any 12 volt power outlet – This portable travel cooler can be used in your car, truck, SUV, boat or RV and is ideal for a picnics or a day at the beach
    • Removable lid and flip-up locking handle – Our iceless coolers are designed to be portable and easy to clean
    • Built-in cord storage compartment – This smart storage compartment will ensure the 12 volt power cord is always on hand when you need on-the-go cooling
    • One year warranty – Koolatron thermoelectric coolers are proudly made in North America and backed with a one year manufacturer’s warranty

    Cell Phone AC/DC Charger

    • Provides 5V DC power
    • Great for powering and charging cell phones & media players
    • Multiple adapters included to fit various electronics
    • Plugs directly into 12 volt plug

    Cooler Hinge (P75, P85, P9, P95)

    • Fits in P75, P9, P85, P95 coolers

    Doubleshaft Motor Kit

    • Fits only double or dual shaft Koolatron coolers
    • Includes fan motor, bracket, with bracket & wires

    Iceless 36 Quart (34 L) 12v Thermoelectric Travel Cooler or Warmer. Ideal for your Car, SUV, Truck, Boat and RV


    Product Benefits:

    • No need for Ice! - The Koolatron thermoelectric cooling system will guarantee your food and drinks are cool while you’re out on the go
    • 36 quart (34 Litre) capacity can hold up to 57 cans of your favorite beverage - This makes it perfect for taking drinks and food to tail gate events, sporting events, or for your next family road trip
    • This cooler plugs directly into any car, truck or RV 12V outlet – This is a convenient lightweight and adaptable iceless cooler. It even uses less power than your car’s tail light!
    • This great cooler, cools to 40 F (22C) - Instead of throwing ice inside this cooler, simply plug it into any 12 volt vehicle plug. Far more efficient than other coolers!
    • Also, perfect for warming your food! - Easily warm your food or snacks to 149 F, or 65 C– Use it to keep your take-out food warm or transport picnics, or warm dishes to a family gathering
    • Used this cooler vertically or horizontally exactly like a a fridge – Easily fits into any vehicle. Our electric coolers are the ideal accessory for truckers and road trips.
    • Utilize the removable shelf – best for organizing and separating food and drinks within the cooler. Great for your next camping or boating trip.
    • Comes with a One year warranty! – That’s right, we stand by our products to give you peace of mind you have purchased a quality product. We are confident you will love your Koolatron 12 volt cooler.
    • North America made – Koolatron is a leader in the thermoelectric industry and for 30 years has proudly made 12volt coolers in Canada and North America.

    Kool 130 L (4.6 cu. Ft.) Compact Fridge with Freezer Compartment

    • Built with a high quality compressor that requires minimal power
    • Temperature range: 28°F and 50°F (-2°C and 10°C)
    • Adjustable thermostat
    • Reversible door with magnetic seal
    • Flat back design with adjustable feet
    • Removable shelves
    • Separate freezer compartment
    • Stainless steel look

    Kool 44 L (1.6 cu.ft.) Compact Fridge

    • Compact flat back design
    • Built with a high quality compressor that requires minimal power
    • Cooling is quick, efficient and environmentally friendly
    • Temperature range is between -2°C and 10°C (28°F and 50°F)
    • Adjustable thermostat
    • Reversible door with magnetic seal
    • Recessed handle
    • Adjustable feet
    • Wire shelf

    Kool 70 L (2.4 cu.ft.) Compact Fridge

    • 70-L (2.4 ft.³) capacity
    • High quality compressor requires minimal power
    • Cooling is quick and efficient
    • Temperature range is between -2°C and 10°C (28°F and 50°F)
    • Adjustable temperature dial with 7 settings
    • Reversible door with magnetic seal
    • Recessed handle
    • Flat back design with adjustable front leveling legs
    • Ice cube tray and drip tray

    Kool 93 L (3.3 cu.ft.) Compact Fridge

    • 93-L (3.3 ft.3) capacity will keep an abundance of drinks and snacks cool
    • Built with a high quality compressor that requires minimal power
    • Cooling is quick, efficient and environmentally friendly
    • Temperature range is between -2°C and 10°C (28°F and 50°F)
    • Adjustable temperature dial
    • Reversible door with magnetic seal
    • Recessed handle
    • Flat back design with adjustable front leveling legs
    • Removable shelves
    • Dispense-A-Can® storage

    Koolatron 1.8 cu.ft. Tool Chest Fridge

    • Tool chest and 50L (1.8 cu.ft.) fridge in one
    • Stainless steel drawer trim
    • 3 sliding tool drawers
    • Durable 3" heavy duty front locking swivel castors for easy mobility
    • 1.8 cubic foot energy efficient refrigerator
    • Compressor cooling
    • Manually adjustable temperature range between 0-10° C/32 – 50°F
    • Adjustable fridge shelf
    • Interior fridge light

    Koolatron 10 Bottle Wine Cellar

    • Large capacity dual thermoelectric unit
    • Enhanced cooling performance
    • Capacity: 10 bottles x 750ml (25fl.oz.)
    • Digital temperature controls in either Celsius or Fahrenheit
    • Tempered mirror glass doors
    • Removable shelves
    • Dark interior with soft interior light
    • Vibration free, free-standing with adjustable leveling feet

    Koolatron 12 Bottle Deluxe Wine Cellar

    • Holds up to 12 bottles
    • Double tempered glass door
    • Wooden shelves and soft interior lighting
    • No noisy compressor and no vibration
    • Thermoelectric cooling
    • Free-standing

    Koolatron 12 Bottle Slim Countertop Wine Cellar

    • Holds up to 12 bottles
    • Free-standing, flush-back design
    • Removable contoured shelves
    • Double-tempered glass door
    • Adjustable temperature control
    • Advanced heat dissipation system
    • No compressor, no vibration
    • Features dark interior with soft lighting controlled by on/off switch

    Koolatron 12V 1L Flask

    • 1 liter capacity
    • Plugs into any 12 V power outlet
    • Stainless-steel interior and exterior
    • Double wall vacuum insulation
    • Lid doubles as insulated serving cup

    Koolatron 12V Air Compressor

    • Plugs into all 12 V power outlets
    • Ideal for roadside emergencies
    • 20" pressure hose with lock
    • 9 foot power cord included
    • 2 nozzle adapters and sports needle included
    • Built-in 250 PSI pressure gauge

    Koolatron 12V Auto Heater

    • Works as an instant defroster
    • Built-in safety limit switch
    • Adjust 45 degrees vertically or 90 degrees horizontally for maximum warmth
    • 6 foot power cord included
    • Easy-to-use, compact design

    Koolatron 12V AutoKool System

    • Cools vehicle interior
    • Reduce air conditioning & fuel consumption
    • Solar-powered
    • Whisper-quiet operation
    • No batteries required

    Koolatron 12V Baby Bottle Warmer

    • 12V Universal plug
    • Zipper top for easy access
    • Cord storage pouch for safety
    • Convenient carry handle & belt mount
    • Heat cans, bottles, or jars


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