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    Brand: Koolatron

    Power Cord Kit

    SKU: F70025
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    Koolatron 110V AC to 12V DC Power Adapter with Automatic Circuit Breaker and 6 Foot Long Cord


    Product Benefits:

    • Koolatron ac power adapter converts 110/120V AC to 12V DC for Koolatron accessories rated at 5 Amps or less
    • Use this ac to dc adapter to operate your Koolatron cooler from any 110/120 V receptacle
    • This 12v power adapter comes equipped with an auto-reset circuit breaker
    • 12v adapter with 6 feet power cord, The Koolatron 12v cooler cord can also power other 12 volt accessories
    • This 12v dc adapter consumes less than 5 Amps of power

    Slide Latch Kit

    • Fits all Koolatron coolers with a sliding latch
    • Includes slide latch and 3 catches
    • Not all catches are required by all models

    Cooler Hinge (P75, P85, P9, P95)

    • Fits in P75, P9, P85, P95 coolers

    P75/P85/P95 Slam Latch Kit

    • Fits P75, P85, and P95 coolers
    • Includes both box and lid pieces

    Standard Latch Kit

    • Polypropylene over center latches
    • Fits current P9 Traveller II coolers and older model coolers
    • Kit includes 2 latches only