Two red cooler ice chests, one more square and one rectangular sit on a wooden deck. In the background is a blue lake and reflected in the lake are green trees.

Summer, warm weather and sunny days mean spending time outdoors and enjoying the long days. Stay refreshed this summer with some of the season’s coolest Coca-Cola coolers and mini fridges.

A man and a woman sit in a white convertible car driving into the sunset. The man is driving the car and the woman is sitting in the passenger seat with her arms up. Both sides of the road are grassy and you can see the sky in the horizon.

Coolers & Ice Chests

If your summer plans involve road trips, camping, picnics, beach days, and barbeques, then you are going to need a good cooler to keep all your food and drinks cold. Coca-Cola ice chests make great companions for any summer adventure or road trip.

A woman wearing a dress and with a tattoo on her right arm, sits on a red and white checkered picnic blanket with only her back visible. Next to her is a red cooler ice chest, running shoes, a picnic basket, and some snacks. In the distance is green grass, mountains, and the sky.

Our top pick is the Coca-Cola Retro Ice Chest Cooler with Bottle Opener 13L (14 qt) can hold up to 18 cans, snacks, or beverages. It's perfect for storing all your favorites. You don’t even need to bring a bottle opener since this cooler has one built-in, so you never have to go far to open refreshingly cold drinkThe Coca-Cola Retro Ice Chest Cooler has a classic painted stainless-steel exterior with Retro Coca-Cola graphics, and an easy-to-wipe interior. Premium insulation and a locking steel latch keep your drinks cold without the use of electricity. Just add ice and you are ready to go.

A man sits on a step stool on the grass, next to an open red cooler ice chest. He is grabbing a Coca-Cola can from the cooler with one hand. In the cooler ice chest are more Coca-Cola cans. Behind the man are two camping tents, one yellow and one orange.

A red cooler ice chest with the words "Drink Coca-Cola in Bottles" on it sits on the grass of a sports field. The cooler ice chest is open revealing that it is filled with water, juice, soda, applesauce, grapes, apples, and oranges.

Looking for something a little bigger? The Coca-Cola Ice Chest Cooler with Bottle Opener 51L (54 qt) can hold up to 85 cans, making it ideal for large events or parties. The Coca-Cola Ice Chest Cooler’s steel-belted exterior is rustproof and built-to last. This ice chest cooler comes with a built-in bottle opener, so you never have to go looking for one again. Its’ steel locking latch ensures your food and drinks are safely stored even if you are moving the cooler around.

Cooler full of water when trying to clean it out? Just use the leak-resistant channel drain to empty the water quickly and smoothly. With beautiful metal wrapped exterior and eye-catching Coca-Cola graphics you won’t be able to resist taking this ice chest cooler on all your summer trips.

Mini Fridges

Working hard through the summer? You’re going to want a personal mini fridge to keep you company throughout the day. Great for storing all your snacks and drinks for the day, these mini fridges are both stylish and functional.

A red mini fridge with the words "The Pause that Refreshes Drink Coca-Cola Coke Refreshing" on it and a speaker built-in it, sits on a white desk. Next to the mini fridge is a phone propped up and with a music playlist open on it. Next to the phone is a desktop computer and a keyboard and a person's hands are visible typing something on the keyboard.

The Coca-Cola 4L Mini Fridge/Warmer with Bluetooth Speaker is so much more than a cooler! It plays music, and it can keep your drinks cool or your lunch warm depending on which way you want to use it. Its eco-friendly iceless technology allows it to cool to 32°F (18°C) below surrounding temperature or warms to 135°F (57°C). This mini cooler is compact and portable so you can easily take it with you on the go.

A red mini fridge with the words "The Pause that Refreshes Drink Coca-Cola Coke Refreshing" on it with a built-in speaker sits on a brown wooden desk. Lying down on the desk is a white phone playing a song. Next to the mini fridge is a desktop computer.

The Coca-Cola 4L Mini Fridge/Warmer with Bluetooth Speaker comes with a built-in Bluetooth speaker so you can wirelessly connect your iPod, iPhone, or Android smartphone and play all your favorite music and podcasts. Great for listening to music to help you focus when working or for the moments when you need a quick dance break.

 A product shot of a red mini fridge against a white background. The design on the mini fridge is very colorful with words and shapes and a Coca-Cola bottle on it.

A product shot of a red mini fridge against a white background. On the mini fridge is the design of a Coca-Cola bottle with different colored flowers and the word "Love" around it.

A product shot of a red mini fridge against a white background. On the mini fridge are the words "Have a Coke and a Smile".

A product shot of a red mini fridge with a white background. On the mini fridge in the shape of a heart are the words "I'd like to buy the world a Coke". 

Cool off in style with one of our limited edition 1971 Series Mini Fridges. With exclusive and irresistible 1970s artwork and new improved features such as silent mode and better cooling performance, owning one of these is a must! The 1971 Series Mini Fridges come in four different unique designs, Peace, Love, Smile, and World, for whichever matches your style or mood best. A must have for collectors. You asked, and we listened! These mini fridges have the ability to switch to silent mode for nighttime operation with no fan noise.

No matter what you do this summer, keep cool with Coca-Cola coolers.