A green mosquito trap hangs from a wooden post. In the background is a house with patio furniture and behind the house are green trees.

The summer season provides the perfect opportunity to spend time with family and friends while enjoying all that the great outdoors has to offer. The only thing that could ruin that perfect summer night are mosquitos. These pesky bugs have the tendency to put a halt on beautiful summer nights, leaving you itchy and fed up. A solution to this problem, mosquito traps. Using a mosquito trap relieves you from their torment so you can get back to having fun.

Mosquito traps use attractants to lure the bugs in and away from you and your campsite. With many different types of attractants, there is an optimal trap, zapper, or aromatherapy product that will suit all your needs. Here are just a few great options:

A small, black mosquito trap sits on green grass with a small garden blurred out in the background.

The Bite Shield Champion 1/2 Acre Non-Propane Mosquito Trap uses a combination of mosquito attractants such as UV light, carbon dioxide, and heat, to lure the bugs into a powerful vacuum fan. The fan then sucks the mosquitos into the catch cup where they quickly dehydrate and die. You can manually control this trap using the on and off switch or you can use the power-saving sensor mode to automatically turn the trap on from dusk to dawn. The large coverage area of this trap means you can reduce mosquito populations within a half-acre area. This mosquito trap is designed to lure egg-laying female mosquitos in order to reduce the overall local mosquito population.

A green mosquito trap hangs from a wooden post. In the background is a house with patio furniture and behind the house are green trees.

A stone pathway with green grass next to it is visible. Beside the path alternating from right to left are three mosquito traps staked into the ground. 

The Bite Shield Solar-Powered Zapper Flying Insect Killer is a portable, eco-friendly, solar powered unit that kills mosquitos and other biting pests. Removing the need for sprays or chemicals, this electronic bug zapper kills bugs on contact. Its' high-performance 3.6V lithium battery lasts 15 hours on a full charge resulting in hours of bug-free fun. This versatile bug zapper comes with a handle for hanging and a stake for placing it in the ground making it adjustable to match your needs.

 A black mosquito trap hangs from a black post. In the background is a green plant and a white background blurred out.

Similar to our solar-powered model, The Bite Shield Electronic Flying Insect Killer kills bugs on contact saving you the need to use any poisonous sprays or harsh chemicals. This insect killer protects an area of over 300 square feet, providing you with plenty of space to relax without the fear of bug bites. The Electronic Flying Insect Killer uses a UV/LED light bulb to attract the flying insects keeping them away from you.

A blue mosquito trap sits on a table. Next to the mosquito trap are two books and three essential oils. Behind the table is a multicolored polkadot wall.

The Bite Shield Indoor Flying Insect Trap with Aromatherapy uses UV lights to lure different flying insects into the catch compartment. Once in the compartment, the bugs dehydrate and die keeping your area bugless. This flexible product comes with an aromatherapy diffuser where you can add in your favorite essential oils. The UV light doubles as a nightlight making it useful in different ways. Using this bug trap, you can enjoy relaxing sleeps without the stress of insects keeping you awake.

Not only are mosquitos and other insects annoying when you are out camping, but they can also carry infectious diseases. Mosquito traps keep the bugs at bay leaving everyone at your campsite or backyard worry free. No matter how big or small of an area you need protecting, there is a mosquito trap for you.