Picture of a campsite with Koolatron's SK30 30 liter capacity, SK40 40 liter capacity, and SK50 50 liter capacity coolers on a folding table in the foreground and a dome tent, folding camping chair, and trees in the background

With so many options available, how do you choose the right cooler for your unique needs?

Whether you're a wanderer to the core or planning your first big road trip, at some point you are going to have to decide how to keep your perishable foods safe and cold during your travels - which means choosing a cooler that will cover all your needs!

Picture of three people leaning out of a white and green VW microbus parked at the side of a remote highway with mountains in the background
Go further, stay longer and explore more on your next adventure

When it comes to day trips, keeping your food and drinks cold with ice in a basic unpowered ice chest or picnic cooler is the most economical option, but these coolers are not the most practical for longer trips. The beauty of a portable 12-volt cooler is that you can keep your food and drinks at the perfect temperature wherever you are without having to worry about running to the store for ice or draining it afterwards.

Picture of a campsite at night with a Koolatron SmartKool on the grass in front of two folding camping chairs and a dome tent
Relax and enjoy the journey without worrying about anything

A good quality 12 volt portable portable fridge/freezer is an investment, which means that choosing the right one to bring in your camper van or truck is one of the most important decisions you can make when planning your next camping, overlanding or off-roading adventure

Fortunately, Koolaton knows coolers - and with over 40 years in the industry, we have the experience in designing, manufacturing, and importing refrigeration products that can withstand the harsh environment and bumpy roads that go along with your adventurous lifestyle.

The SmartKool Choice

With advanced cooling technology, expert construction, and premium insulation, any of Koolatron's 12V portable coolers would make a great choice for your next trip - but when it comes to the future of 12V cooling solutions, Koolatron's SmartKool refrigerator/freezers with wireless smartphone control are truly next level. Read on to find out why...

Portable Cooling for Indoors and Outdoors

One of the main benefits of a 12V-powered freezer/cooler is portability. Since they don't require ice, 12 volt coolers are much more lightweight and compact than ice chests. They are easy to transport and store, fit neatly into your vehicle, are designed to plug into any 12V plug, and can be used with a 110V adapter to plug into a generator or traditional outlet.

Closeup picture of a Koolatron SmartKool 12 volt travel freezer in the trunk of a blue SUV with a duffle bag, backpack, grocery bag, and watermelon beside it
SmartKool coolers fit easily in your vehicle and transfer seamlessly to indoors

Available in 3 sizes - the 30L capacity SK30, 40L capacity SK40, and extra-large 50L capacity SK50 - and with both 12 volt and 110 volt power cords included, Koolatron’s versatile SmartKool car fridge/freezers transfer seamlessly from your car or truck to indoors. So whether you are on the road, at a tailgate party or at the cabin, you can ensure your drinks are cold and food is fresh or frozen wherever you go.

Powerful and Fast Cooling Without Ice

Koolatron's SmartKool series portable fridge/freezers are equipped with an advanced compressor system to deliver incredible cooling power. While 12V thermoelectric coolers are a practical option for most situations, their cooling performance is limited in very hot weather. Koolatron's industry-leading thermoelectric coolers, for example, are able to chill contents to as low as 40°F (22°C) below the outside temperature.

Closeup picture of a SmartKool 12V cooler open and filled with frozen foods
Experience a huge temperature range and ultra fast cooling

With its efficient and powerful compressor cooling system, the SmartKool series achieves an impressive temperature range, cooling from 50°F (10°C) all the way down to -8°F (-22°C). What’s more, these smart 12 volt coolers work quickly, delivering rapid cooldown from 90 to 21°F (32 to -6°C) in less than 30 minutes!

Digital and Wireless Temperature Management

The SmartKool series of 12V compressor fridge/freezers is equipped with the latest technology built right in for digital and wireless temperature management. Monitor and adjust the temperature using the external touch control panel on top of the cooler or connect the Bluetooth-enabled smart cooler to your Android or iPhone device for wireless control with the free SmartKool app!

Closeup image of a person's finger pressing a button on the SmartKool cooler's digital control panel with a picture of a smartphone with the SmartKool app on the screen overlaid
Control your SmartKool 12V cooler wirelessly from your smartphone

This means from whether you are packing burgers and fixings for a crowd or popsicles to keep the family cool, you can count on your SmartKool portable cooler/freezer to keep everything at the temperature you need.

Tough Enough for All Life's Adventures

One of the challenges when it comes to compressor systems is their need to stay level in order to work properly. Compressor fridges and air conditioning units, for example, need to be installed on a level surface to ensure the oils and lubricants in the cooling system can move around freely.

Picture of a powerboat motoring across a large expanse of water with water spraying up on either side
Roads? Where we’re going, we won't need roads…

Koolatron knows that your adventures may take you off the beaten track onto bumpier roads, which is why SmartKool 12 volt freezers are resistant to vibrations and shocks and designed to operate safely even at inclines of up to 30 degrees. This means that a SmartKool 12-volt portable freezer/fridge is ideal for off-road camping trips, hunting or fishing expeditions, and RV life.

Built-In Intelligent Battery Protection

Koolatron SmartKool coolers are also equipped with a smart battery protection system to protect your vehicle. The cooler tracks your vehicle's battery level and adjusts its power consumption from High to Medium to Low as needed. Your SmartKool will also sense if the battery is getting too low and temporarily shut off.

Closeup image of a vehicle's digital dashboard display showing a battery icon and low battery warning
With intelligent battery protection you don't have to worry about getting caught in the dark

Since all Koolatron coolers feature premium insulation for industry-leading cold retention, SmartKool can avoid putting unnecessary strain on your battery while still maintaining an optimal storage environment for your food and drinks.

SmartKool Coolers Stand Out from the Crowd

With advanced cooling technology, expert construction, and user-friendly features, Koolatron's 12 volt travel coolers have always been a top industry and consumer pick. These portable fridges are the perfect solution for keeping your food and drinks cool and fresh in any setting. When it comes to versatile cooling solutions to enhance your adventurous lifestyle however, it's clear that the SmartKool series of 12V freezers stands out from the rest!

Picture of a campsite with Koolatron's SK30 30 liter capacity, SK40 40 liter capacity, and SK50 50 liter capacity coolers on a folding table in the foreground and a dome tent, folding camping chair, and trees in the background
Koolatron's SmartKool 12V freezers in 30L, 40L, and 50L capacities stand out from the crowd

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