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    See our Huge Range of Portable 12v Plugin Coolers.


    12V Coolers

    12v coolers are perfect item for road trips, parties, sporting events, family BBQs, and much more!

    With Koolatrons advanced technology we can now keep our drinks cool or keep food warm.

    For over 30 years we have been manufacturing innovative, quality designed products. One of our core products is a line of thermoelectric coolers. Simply plug into your car, truck or the wall.  Perfect for on the go!

    Koolatron is your one-stop supplier for 12 volt drink coolers, 12v portable cooler, soft bag cooler and warmer. Our products are designed to conveniently and cheaply keep you and your food hot and your beverages cold regardless what out the surrounding temperate is.


    12 Volt Coolers; what are they?

    12v coolers can be considered as an upgrade to the conventional ice coolers. They are built to meet the consumer’s need of keeping things cool for a very long period of time. 12v coolers are the best companion for any trip. Whether road trips or camping or family getaway; we all need to quench our thirst with something really chill. 12v coolers are also great at handling perishables like fruit and salads.

    The major difference between a 12v cooler and the conventional cooler is the source of the coolant. While the conventional cooler needs you to get ice, the 12v cooler only needs a power source. Luckily, the Koolatron 12v coolers are strictly compatible with a 12v power source. This means that you can easily power it up for hours by simply connecting it to your car. With that setup, who needs ice anymore?

    How it works

    Of course, most of us have at least one refrigerator in our home. For some others, its more than one. However, when you need to make that little road trip with your family, it is almost impossible to carry that huge fridge along. Notwithstanding the fact that you need to serve your drinks chilled. So, rather than making a series of stops to get ice or cold drinks, you and your family can save yourself the stress. The 12v coolers are very portable. More importantly, they also come in different sizes so feel free to get the size that is suitable depending on the size of your family as well as your car. Generally, the 12v coolers work like your normal refrigerator at home. It needs a power source. The 12v cooler comes with a cord that can be plugged directly to the car. Once this is done, you just have a mobile refrigerator.

    The next time you are planning that road trip; don’t forget to get the Koolatron 12 volt coolers. It is portable, durable and very effective. With just a single power-up, it leaves your drinks and food chilled for up to 72 hours.