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    Camping Coolers

    Camping trips require a lot of planning. It involves putting together a list of things that will make the trip quite memorable. One of such is getting the perfect camping coolers. Your choice of camping coolers could make or break that perfect camping trip. Koolatron 12v camping coolers offer you the dual hot and cold function. This means that you can keep your food warm while you can also serve some chilled cola to drive home your hot meal. Therefore, you might want to be very careful with the choice that you are about to make. There are lots of camping coolers out there. However, the Koolatron 12v coolers offer you so many advantages.


    The Koolatron advantage

    Basically, Koolatron offers camping coolers of different brands and sizes. The most common is the 12v coolers. Whether you chose to go for the customized Coca-Cola coolers or the Corona coolers, there is no doubt that you are guaranteed a chilled bottle of Coca-Cola or corona beer anytime. All you have to do is plug your cooler to your car and off you go.

    Ice Retention
    With the Koolatron 12v Camping coolers, who needs ice? The major reason camping coolers make the cut as one of the most important components of any camping trip is their ability to keep your drinks chilled or to keep your food warm.  Hence, the next time you are out to the local store to get a camping cooler for your next camping trip, ensure that you request for one of the Koolatron 12v brands. Whichever the size of the 12v cooler you go for, they all offer you 48 – 72 hours of chillness.

    Design and durability
    Koolatron Camping coolers come in various shapes and sizes. At Koolatron, we offer you more than just shapes and sizes. We offer you the best and most durable camping coolers just enough to suit that camping trip. Our 12v camping coolers are light enough to make it very easy to carry around. On the other hand, they are made from the best materials and designed to handle any pressure resulting from the trip.

    The thermoelectric advantage

    Koolatron applies the concept of thermoelectricity to ensure maximum efficiency. There is no doubt that this offers users enormous advantages over other brands. The thermoelectric effect implies that only a little space is required for the cooling system resulting in a very light camping cooler. All the 12v coolers works on this principle and it only draws about 4.5 amps from your car battery. This is less than what is required to power your headlights. That way, you are guaranteed low power consumption.

    Koolatron camping coolers are designed using the best materials to make it very easy to carry around. In addition, we’ve got the perfect size just for you.

    General usage

    Generally, our products are very easy to use. To get optimum result, you should store already pre-chilled drinks into your 12v camping coolers. That way, your drinks can stay chilled and food can stay warm for several hours without having to worry.

    Finally, it is practically impossible to prepare for a camping trip without thinking about camping coolers. During the course of preparation, there are lots of things to consider. These include the size of the campers, the location, the distance as well as the duration of camping. Bearing all this in mind, there is no doubt that you need the very best camping coolers. In most cases, you have no access to ice.  The 12v camping coolers offer you the perfect convenience.

    Other great options for travelling include our Thermoelectric Digital Precision Control Cooler, with its built-in, customizable thermostat and our Compact Cooler, which conveniently fits between seats in most minivans. If you want your cooler to do more than keeping its contents cool, then choose one of our many options that allow for warming as well. These car and truck coolers are fantastic for any road trip!