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    At Koolatron, we are committed to meeting all your automobile needs. We have expanded our products to offer you some of the best automobile accessories to suit your lifestyle. We understand that these accessories are meant to make your life easier, more convenient and relaxed.

    We currently stock a massive collection of different quality car accessories at the best prices. While we manufacture the majority of these accessories, we have also partnered with some of the best manufacturers like Koolscapes and Michelin to ensure that there is no compromise on the quality of our products.


    Here are Some Must-Have Car Accessories


    Koolatron 12V Air Compressor :  Imagine having a flat tire in the middle of nowhere with no spare or maybe a spare that needs to be gauged! You really do not want to imagine how frustrating that can be. This makes the Koolatron 12v air compressor one of the must-have car accessory for anyone that hopes to avoid such frustration. The compact design makes it very portable hence it will not take up much space in your car. Likewise, it is very easy to use. All you need is a 12v power source and in a few minutes, your tire is back to normal.

    Koolatron 12V auto heater : Winter is fast approaching and you don’t want to be caught unprepared. The device is quite portable and beautiful. It offers you more than just heating up your car, it can also function as the perfect defrosting device for your windows during winter. The Koolatron 12 auto heater comes with a 6-foot cord that can be plugged comfortably into any 12v power source. Once plugged, it only takes a few minutes for the Koolatron 12v auto heater to swing into action.


    Other 12v Car Accessories


    These often include 12 volt car and truck accessories: Perfect for people on the move .Here at Koolatron we manufacture 12v heaters, 12v fans, 12v lunch box, 12v vacuum cleaners, 12v Coffee Makers, Spotlights, and much more!

    Snow shovels and brushes : Because we care so much about you, we are always striving to get you what you really need. Winter is around the corner and we know that sometimes the snow can get out of hand. When that happens, our angled and double soft touch PVC bristle brushes and extra strong polypropylene ice scrapper is what you need. We currently have different brands. Examples include Oskar 21.5” fold-up snow brush, Michelin 35”-45” basic telescopic snow brush, Oskar Anglemax snow brush, and many other brands.

    Custom Fit Car Floor Mats : However you try to keep your car clean; it is naturally susceptible to dirt. Car mats can serve as protection from dirt and stains. Also, it can protect the floor of the car from abrasives and other sharp objects. Hence, our unique custom fit car mats offer protection to both you and your car. Also, we offer you the opportunity to select appropriate dimensions and sizes that would fit your car just perfectly.

    Cargo Liner Mat Seat Cover : These are designed with multiple trim lines for a custom fit. A perfect product to protect your trunk from spills and damage. These are a priced for only $69.95. They are also very easy to install! No screws, bolts, fasteners, and no cutting required. Your mats can be installed in your vehicle in just seconds. The best thing is they are shipped to your door for free. Click here for more information

    Oskar 12V Hand auto vacuum cleaner : This is nothing close to your conventional hand vacuum cleaner. The Oskar 12v hand auto vacuum cleaner is a real beauty to behold. It features a 3.5 m power cord, an ergonomic handle, a see-through dust cup and many other features that make is super cool. It also has three nozzles to ensure that no dirt is left behind.

    Koolatron offer more than one hundred car accessories and the numbers keep improving. If there is one thing that makes us stand out from the crowd, it is the quality of what we offer. Shop with Koolatron and shop with confidence.