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    Huge Range of Koolatron Car and Truck Coolers. Easy 12v Plugin Cooler.

    Car & Truck Coolers

    There are coolers and there are car coolers. In as much as they both sound similar, there is actually a whole lot of difference between the two. Car coolers come in very handy if you are looking to plan for that perfect road trip without any hitches. As a matter of fact, the major difference between the two is the concept of ‘iceless’. Recently, that’s the idea of going iceless is gradually taking over the market. It doesn’t matter the nature of the road trip or how long you plan to stay camping, car coolers offer you not just the best chillers, they offer you convenience.  That’s because you don’t have to go around looking for ice to keep your drinks and other foods cool.


    Koolatron Brand

    Koolatron offers some of the best car coolers currently making waves in the market. Each of the various brands offers you the best way to keep your drinks cool without having to use ice. All you need is a 12v power source and a cord. So far, you can get several brands like the Koolatron Traveler III; Koolatron compact cooler; Koolatron soft bag; Koolatron Fun cooler; Koolatron P75 Kool Kaddy Cooler and many more. They all come in multiple colours so you can easily choose between white and grey.


    Dual functionality

    The general concept behind car coolers is heat preservation. So far, the emphasis has been on keeping your drinks cool. However, it could be the other way round. With Koolatron our coolers, you have no worries as regards cooling your drinks or keeping your food warm. If you need your contents to be warm, the Koolatron car coolers can easily maintain a temperature of about 57oC (135 F). On the other hand, it can keep your drinks cool at about 22 oC (40F).

    Tougher than it looks

    Not many 12v coolers can survive the long and rugged roads. Of course, most camping sites are usually located in rough terrains. Koolatron takes this into consideration when designing its products. With Koolatron brands, you have nothing to worry about when driving through rough roads. The exterior is made using very hard plastic that can withstand any stress. The interiors are well designed to enhance easy cleaning.


    Size becomes very important depending on the number of persons going for the camping. When you are planning a trip for two persons, you probably might want to stick with the small car coolers. However, if you are planning the next camping trip with your entire family or friends, you might want to go for something bigger.  With Koolatron, there are various sizes to choose from. Whether you are looking to fill in just a few cans or several cans, your trip only just got better. The car coolers are designed to be very slim such that they can easily fit into minivans, RVs etc.

    Easy to use

    Koolatron car coolers come in very simple designs that make them very easy to use.  Typically, each car cooler comes with a 12 volt DC power plug. This can easily fit into your car or any other available power source. Also, you can always get the 110 V AC cable for an additional cost. With the cable, all you need is a power source.