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    Mini Fridge

    Mini fridges are the perfect solution to space-related problems in our homes, offices and even RVs and cars. A mini fridge is a typical household appliance that is used to store food and drinks. Just like any other refrigerator, the Mini fridge is made up of an insulated compartment and a heat pump. Mini fridges are small but mighty. That’s because, despite their small sizes, they still play similar functions as the conventional large ones. Therefore, depending on whether you are looking for a way to preserve your food and vegetables in your dorm or keep your favorite drinks chilled at the office or take care of allergens, Mini fridges are up for the task. We currently offer more than fifteen different types of mini fridges.

    The perfect fit for your mini bar

    Mini fridge offers you the best option if you are looking forward to setting up your own mini bar in your home or office.  We offer several designs and sizes that would fit perfectly into any available space. We have lots of small mini fridges like the Coors light compact mini fridge (90 L), Miller lite compact mini fridge (90 L), Black mini fridge (70 L) and many others. All Koolatron brands are made from the best materials that make them resistance to rusting and leakage. Likewise, our products adopt the most efficient cooling technology (compressor) thereby offering a temperature range of -2oC to -10oC.

    The perfect safe for food allergens

    Keeping food, drinks, fruit, and most other stuff together is a common practice in many homes. The idea is to get one huge fridge and stock it up with everything whether they are compatible or not. Well, if you have children or live with people with allergies, this becomes a huge problem. Our unique range of mini fridge can offer you a very good option for separation. Of course, it is quite insane to get separate huge fridges so the mini fridge offers you the best option. With mini fridges, you can easily store food allergens separately. That way, you can easily place such food out of reach and everyone is happy.

    The perfect Office companion

    Most people actually spend more time at the office than they do at home. So, what’s wrong with having access to your favorite drinks, milk, homemade lunches, ice creams, snacks handy? Mini fridges are great for offices and workplace so as to avoid spending a lot more visiting the vending machine or going out unnecessarily. Currently, we have in stock more than six different brands and sizes of mini fridges. Out mini fridges are designed to suit your aesthetic taste while also carrying out their major function in providing you with chilled refreshments when you need it.


    Getting the best out of your mini fridge

    Koolatron offers only the best mini fridges, wine cellars, camping coolers, 12v coolers and much more. However, getting the best out of the best depends on how you chose to use and maintain it. Hence, to get the best, here are a few tips for your mini fridge.

    • Keep your mini fridge clean: the first step to cleaning your mini fridge is to remove all the contents. Afterward, clean the compartments using soapy water. Depending on the nature of the stains, you can also use sponges and/or brushes to get rid of hard stains. Finally, turning off the fridge during cleaning is not necessarily compulsory.
    • Always remove perished foods/ fruits to help your fridge look organized.
    • Odour control: in most cases, odour is usually associated with fridges especially when it is used to store food and vegetables. To take care of this, you can place sliced lemon inside the compartments and it will help take care of the odour.
    • Keep the coils clean: This will help ensure proper ventilation.