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    Koolatron Range of Wine Coolers and Cellars. Wine when you need it!

    Wine Coolers

    An ice cold beer, a chilly cola, or glass of wine can make a day a whole lot better. A frosty beverage after a hard day at work can be therapeutic. A dependable Wine Cooler is no longer a luxury but a necessity. Wine Coolers can make your life easier. Whether you decide to go for the large Koolatron 173 Dual Zone Wine Cellar or the midsize Koolatron 24/29 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cellar or the very portable 4-10 bottle wine Cellar; purchasing a Koolatron Wine Cellar/Cooler can make you the King/Queen of the summer barbecue, the Sultan of outdoor social gathering, or simply save you from a stern telling to from your partner.


    Koolatron are the best in the business. Since the company’s inception in 1983, they have become industry leaders in innovative, and quality; thermoelectric, and refrigeration products. The company offers a unique and diverse line of over 200 products: which include wine cellars, coolers, refrigerators, along with custom orders, and more. The company’s extensive product line is backed by quality assurance and excellent customer support. Koolatron has been in the business of making coolers for over 30 years. The company has an extensive range of exciting, and diverse cooler line which provide the best engineering quality, and design. The company uses state of the art rotational molding for all its coolers guaranteeing better cooling for longer periods, coupled with significantly better insulation.

    Advantages & Features

    Koolatron Wine Coolers offer a wide array of features and advantages over its competitors. Every Koolatron Wine Cooler is ideally designed for the on the go lifestyle, but the slim, compact design is also ideal for outdoor barbecues, and social events, or if you just want a Wine Cellar by the comfy armchair while watching your favorite team play. The sophisticated cooling system (with only one moving part) guarantees a temperature 40 degrees F cooler than the outside, which means ice cold beverages for everyone. The cooling system has an added benefit of keeping the cost down, while also running the cooler for longer periods of time. The 12V Solid State Portable charges are ideal for the average vehicle’s 12V outlet. The 12V Koolatron Wine Coolers are the best in their class offering quality, and also does its part in keeping the bill down. The coolers are designed, and checked for wear, and tear making sure that the coolers are made to last


    Koolatron Wine Coolers offers you variety of options when it comes to keeping your wine chilled. More importantly, Koolatron Wine Coolers offers you convenience. If you have enough space then you can always go for something really big. The Koolatron 173; 68 and 45 bottles dual zone wine cellar can offer you as much room as you need to function as a wine cooler and cellar at the same time. However, if you are looking for something more portable, Koolatron has a wide range of Wine Cellars and coolers to accommodate as low as 4 bottles. Buying any one of the Koolatron Wine coolers will definitely serve you well.

    Koolatron Wine Coolers are great for the overnight journey or a day on the lake, or in the woods camping, or just laying around; serving as an extra fridge in a recreation room, or whatever you desire. You only just need to find the perfect cooler for you and your family. Shop with confidence, and buy a Koolatron.