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    An Ice cold bottle of wine after a long and hard day of work can be one of the sweetest highlights of the day. Koolatron wine fridges have been designed to feature thermoelectric cooling technology. Invariably, this leaves your wine chilled anytime you need to give yourself a treat with a chilled bottle of wine. The design takes into consideration portability. There is a size for everyone. So whether you are looking for a free-standing Wine Fridge that can accommodate as much as 173 bottles or a very small countertop unit, the size does not change the fact that you will always have a chilled bottle of wine at your beck and call.



    Koolatron is a company with more than 35 years of experience in the thermoelectric, and refrigeration industry. Till date, the company is widely known for its innovation, quality product, and their customer service. The company was created in 1983 and has since become the industries gold standard when it comes to coolers, refrigerators, and wine cellars, using only the best engineering quality, and design. Koolatron has a proven track record of quality, and their refrigeration units are proven to last. The company uses state of the art technology to keep the cost down, while also providing better cooling for longer periods of time. The company has a wide array of diverse and exciting products from which you can choose the ideal refrigerator for your needs.


    Features & Advantages

    Whether you are looking for a compact wine fridge for the traveling lifestyle or a mini wine refrigerator for your home, Koolatron refrigerator has your back. The company offers state of the art, affordable, and portable products ideally suited for everyone.

    Each Koolatron wine fridge type is made differently, and each type can boost technological prowess. Rest assured each Koolatron wine fridge is crafted with quality, and longevity in mind. The 12V DC or 110V AC that the refrigeration units require to operate is guaranteed to keep your electricity bills to the barest minimum. Also, the heat pipe technology or the more innovative Solid state unit with an expanded radiator tube system makes sure that the drinks are ice cold when you need them. The quality assurance test; and the wear and tear test guarantee better cooling for longer periods of the time. It does not matter whether the wine fridge is on the road or in your private study. All the Koolatron refrigeration units keep the temperature from 39F to 52F. All of these things are to make sure your beverages stay as cool as you would like them to be, whether you are on the road, or in the comfort of your living room.



    Each Koolatron refrigeration unit is built for a different purpose. The AC/DC Hybrid Heat Pipe thermoelectric unit is ideally suited for course country road trips, or in trucks etc. The Koolatron 12 bottle dual zone wine cellar is one of the small variants. Koolatron offers wine fridges in various sizes ranging from just 4 bottles of wine to as much as 173 bottles of wine. Typical examples include Koolatron 173 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cellar; Koolatron 68 bottle Dual Zone built-in and freestanding wine cellar etc. All these along with a plethora of others are just waiting to be bought. So choose one, and buy it. You cannot go wrong with Koolatron.