A man in a grey hoodie and yellow construction hat sits in the back of his pickup truck eating from a black lunchbox.

Looking for ideas for the perfect gift for dad? We’ve made the search a little easier for you and compiled a list of gift ideas perfect for all kinds of dads.

A popcorn maker in the shape of a football. The football is split in half and one of the halves is being used as a popcorn bowl. The machine is sitting on a wooden table and the background is blurry and the colour green. 

For the armchair quarterback who loves watching the big game, the Coors Light Hot Air Popcorn Maker and Football Serving Bowl is the perfect gift. Dad can watch TV and enjoy a snack on yummy popcorn, any time he wants it with this popcorn maker. This electric popcorn maker has a built-in measuring cup and butter warmer and the lid turns into a bowl. The football shape and mountain themed Coors Light graphics make this an unique gift.

A red toolbox sits in an automotive garage. Behind it is a gas pump and beside it is a grey car.

A red tool box sits open against a white background. The top three shelves roll open while the bottom opens like a door. The top of the picture contains text reading "3 spacious easy-glide drawers" and the bottom of the picture reads "adjustable wire shelf". Two zoomed in circles depict these features up close, the drawers and the shelf.

For the dads who enjoy working in the garage, Koolatron’s Cool Tool Chest Compact Fridge is the perfect addition to dad’s garage pr mancave. With space to store tools and refreshments, it’s It is portable and convenient with easy-glide wheels and space to store tools and keep beverages ice cold. It features three sliding drawers and two customizable shelves in the fridge. This tool chest/compact fridge combo will be the greatest addition to dad’s workshop.

A grey skillet with a glass lid and black handles against a white background.

For the dad who likes to cook, the Kenmore Non-Stick Electric Skillet with Glass Lid allows him to make many different kinds of meals. From stir-fries to stews to pancakes, the cooking possibilities are endless. Dad will love being able to grill all his favorites with this electric skillet. Additionally, using its cool touch handles, the skillet can be easily transported from countertop to table making it great for sharing meals with the family.

A black lunchbox sits in the bottom left corner of the picture. In a circle next to it is a close up image of the lunchbox's power cord plugging into the car's cigarette plug. In the background is a blurred out picture of a man in a blue shirt and yellow construction hat driving a car.

 A man in a grey hoodie and yellow construction hat sits in the back of his pickup truck eating from the lunchbox.

For the dads who are on the go, the 12V Classic Black Heating Lunch Box Stove is the perfect companion. This 12 volt lunch box cooks or reheats your food so you can enjoy a hot and warm meal wherever you are. The 6 foot 12V cord easily plugs into your truck or car’s 12 volt plug. This electric lunch box will cook your food or warm pre-cooked meals easily up to 300°F. This lunch box is an excellent gift for busy dads in need of a nice warm meal while working.

A grey mini fridge, in the shape of a can sits with its door open on a wooden desk. There are 4 cans inside the fridge. Next to the fridge is a desktop computer with a keyboard.

For the dad who has mastered the work from home lifestyle, the Coors Light Portable 8 Can Mini Fridge is the best addition to a home office. This mini fridge’s unique can-shaped design makes it both fun and functional. Store all the food and drinks you need for the workday in one place. And when you aren’t working, this mini fridge’s portability means you can take it on the go in your truck, RV or boat. With a self-locking door and a pull-tab carry handle, transporting this mini fridge is easy.