Bite Shield Racket Zapper Electronic Insect Killer, Indoor/Outdoor Chemical-Free Flyswatter for Mosquito Moth Deerflies Blackfly Gnat Cottage Beach Backyard Camping Fishing Boating BBQ

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Product Features

  • Chemical-Free Insect Control: Electronic bug zapper kills or stuns moths, mosquitoes, blackflies, and other biting insects on contact with no harmful sprays or chemicals
  • Safe To Touch: Non-electrified outer mesh screen protects people and pets from accidental contact with the racket's surface even when powered on
  • Push Button Operation: Press-and-hold operation prolongs battery life by electrifying the racket only when you are using it; Powered by 2 AA batteries (sold separately)
  • LED Power Indicator: Red LED light indicates when the racket is electrified
  • Lightweight and Easy to Use: Handheld insect zapper offers safe, portable pest control, perfect for gardening, camping, boating, fishing, barbecues, and more

Color Yellow/Black
Material Plastic
Power Indicator Light No
Battery Required 2 x AA batteries
Battery Included No
Cord Length N/A
Usage Indoor/Outdoor
Bulb No
Product Dimensions 1 in H x 6.5 in W x 18 in L
Product Weight 0.5 lbs.
Assembly Required No
Pet Safe Yes
Package Dimensions 3.75 in H x 7 in W x 18.5 in L
Package Weight 1 lbs.
Warranty 90 days, parts
Installation Portable

Safe and portable protection against mosquitoes and other biting pests

The Bite Shield Electronic Racket Zapper kills flying insects such as mosquitos, moths, flies, and gnats on contact with no poisonous chemicals or sprays needed. Just press and hold the power button and wave the racket through the air to stun or kill bugs on contact. With an LED power indicator and protective outer mesh, the Racket Zapper is safe to touch even when electrified so you don't have to worry about your children or pets accidentally contacting it. This handy bug zapper is small and lightweight enough to take with you wherever you go, so whether you're in the woods, at the beach or cottage, or just relaxing in the backyard, get ready to practice your forehand or backhand and take care of those pesky insects buzzing around you at the same time! Requires 2 AA batteries (sold separately)

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