Koolatron Compact Fridge w/ Freezer, 3.2 cu ft (91L), White, Space-Saving Flat Back Design, Reversible Door, Full-Width Freezer, Snacks, Beverages, Beer, Den, Dorm, Office, Rec Room, Home Bar

KoolatronSKU: KBC88W

Size: 3.2 cu ft
Color: White
Sale price$448.00 CAD


Product Features

  • 91 Liter / 3.2 Cubic Foot Capacity: Clean white exterior fridge with a compact footprint and plenty of door storage including Dispense-A-Can compartment is the perfect fit for your den, home bar, or games room
  • Built-In Freezer Compartment: This compact fridge features a full-width freezer compartment to hold your ice cubes trays, frozen meals, and more, with a drip tray included for easy defrosting and cleaning
  • Reliable Compressor Cooling: Dependable compressor technology with seven pre-set temperatures keeps this compact fridge’s contents at your desired cooling level between 28°F (-2°C) and 50°F (10°C) and the magnetic door seal keeps that cold inside where it belongs
  • Adjustable Inside and Out: Easily customize this compact fridge to fit your space by installing the door to open left or right and placing the three removable wire shelves where they will best suit your needs
  • Space-Saving Flat-Back Design: Recessed door handle and enclosed compressor coils allow this compact fridge to fit easily wherever you need it with no wasted space

Unit Dimensions L 18.5" x D 17" x H 33.5"
Package Dimensions 21 in L x 19 in W x 35 in H
Interior Dimensions L 15.75" x D 14" x H 30"
Power 110V
Wattage 85 Watts
Amperage 7 Amps
Cooling Technology Compressor
Warranty 90 Days
Model Number BC88W, KBC88B
Temperature Range 32°F – 50°F (0°C – 15°C)
Door Type Magnetic seal
Handle Recessed
Additional Materials Manual
UPC 059586611117

Convenient mini fridge with full-width freezer

This compact 91 L/ 3.2 Cubic Foot mini fridge with full-width freezer compartment is perfect for your home bar, office, or dorm room. This compact fridge with classic white exterior features adjustable legs and two removable high-quality wire shelves, plus plenty of door storage including the unique Dispense-A-Can compartment. Efficient, reliable compressor technology keeps contents at your desired temperature between 28°F (-2°C) and 50°F (10°C) and a magnetic door seal keeps the cold inside where it belongs. This space-saving mini fridge also features a compact flat back design with enclosed evaporator coils so you can easily fit it right where you need it.

Tips For Best Use:
- Allow two inches of space between the unit’s side and the wall, with four inches between the back of the unit and the wall
- Proper air circulation is required to maintain optimal cooling performance

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