Koolscapes Wicker-Look Water Feature Mini Pond and Fountain, Brown, 200 GPH Pump, Weather Resistant Self-Contained Indoor or Outdoor Pond Kit for Deck Porch Balcony Garden Yard Pool Sunroom Patio

KoolScapesSKU: WUDBPK-14

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Product Features

  • Attractive Wicker Design: Textured, two-colored woven design in complementary earth tones adds a natural charm to your balcony, patio, sunporch, or living room
  • Water Bell Fountain with Adjustable Flow: Pump continuously circulates water with a classic “water ball” effect with no waste or spills; Use the flow control dial on the front of the pump to increase or decrease the size of the water ball
  • Filterless 200 GPH Pump: Includes a filter-free fully submersible 200 gallon per hour pump that runs quietly with minimal power consumption and a 4.6 m (15 ft) power cord
  • Indoor or Outdoor Use: Seamless plastic insert prevents leaks so you can enjoy this self-contained pond and fountain kit indoors or outdoors; all-weather resin wicker can withstand the elements without fading or cracking
  • Beneficial Water Feature: Water features benefit both you and your garden by providing peaceful, soothing water sounds and attracting pollinators like songbirds, butterflies, and bees

Product Dimensions: 14.00 x 14.00 x 14.00 in (35.56 x 35.56 x 35.56 cm)
Product Weight: 12.00 lbs (5.52 kg)
Package Dimensions: 15.00 x 15.00 x 15.00 in (38.10 x 38.10 x 38.10 cm)
Package Weight: 14.00 lbs (6.44 kg)
Cord Length: 15 ft (4.57 m)
Included Components: Wicker base; leakproof liner; submersible pump; water bell fountain head
Color: Beige, Black
Power Type: 110V AC
Warranty: 90 days parts and labor

Attractive self-contained pond and fountain kit for indoors or outdoors

This all-in-one wicker-look mini pond and fountain is a simple, low-maintenance way to add a charming water feature to your home. With its all-weather resin construction and leakproof plastic insert, you can enjoy this self-contained pond and fountain kit indoors or outdoors. A fully-submerged energy-efficient 200 gallon per hour pump continuously circulates the water, creating a classic “water ball” effect with minimal power consumption. Besides their innate charm, water features benefit both you and your garden by attracting pollinators like songbirds and butterflies. This low-maintenance, easy-to-assemble fountain kit is the perfect way to bring those benefits to smaller spaces like balconies or patios. The constant water circulation provides soothing, peaceful background noise and prevents insects from breeding to help create your perfect indoor or outdoor oasis.

Tips for Best Use
- Always disconnect from the electrical outlet before handling the pump
- Ensure pump is completely submerged in water before running
- Check the pump discharge and tubing for kinks or obstruction before running
- Monthly cleaning will extend your pump's lifespan: Remove the front cover and impeller and use a small brush or a stream of water to remove any debris; Flush any algae buildup out of tubing with a garden hose

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