Michelin Hybrid Extendable 34-50" Snow Brush for Trucks, Ergonomic Multi-Tool, Detachable Swivel Head, Ice Scraper, Ice Pick, Non-Slip Foam Grip, Auto Window Snowbrush, Windshield Broom for Car, SUV

MichelinSKU: 19149-3

Sale price$35.00 CAD


Product Features

  • Pivoting 12" Brush Head: 12 inch scratch-free brush head swivels 360 degrees and locks into 8 pre-set positions with a simple push-button system so you can sweep, push, or pull the snow from any angle
  • Extendable 34-50" Snow Brush: Strong yet lightweight aluminum shaft extends and locks into pre-set positions from 34 to 50 inches; 2 non-slip ergonomic foam grips offers security and power even when fully extended
  • Detachable Brush for Light Duty: The head of this versatile snow brush detaches with the push of a button so you can easily tackle light snow accumulation with just one hand
  • Durable 4" Wide Ice Scraper: Ice scraper/ice chipper is made of heavy-duty ABS and reinforced with screws to withstand extreme temperatures without cracking and make short work of removing stubborn ice from your windows
  • Heavy Duty Ice Pick: Removing the brush head reveals a heavy-duty ice pick to break up stubborn built up ice deposits on your wheel wells or driveway, making this unique snow brush the ultimate winter multi-tool

Product Dimensions: 34.00 x 3.00 x 4.50 in (86.36 x 7.62 x 11.43 cm)
Package Dimensions: 26.70 x 4.90 x 3.50 in (67.82 x 12.45 x 8.89 cm)
Package Weight: 1.10 lbs (0.51 kg)
Included Components: Removable brush head; extendable shaft; ice scraper; ice pick
Color: Blue, Yellow, Gray
Materials: ABS plastic, Aluminum
Extendable Shaft: Yes
Swivel Head: Yes
Foam Grips: 2
Ice Scraper: Yes
Squeegee: No
Soft-Touch Bristles: Yes
Folding: No
Warranty: 90 days parts and labor

Versatile multi-tool for all winter conditions

This vibrant yellow and blue Michelin-branded snow brush is a winter driving essential, featuring an extendable shaft, dual ergonomic foam grips for one- or two-handed use, durable scratch-free bristles, and a heavy-duty ice scraper. This unique snow brush also boasts two bonus tools: The lightweight brush head detaches with the push of a button so you can easily remove light accumulation on the go. Removing the brush head also reveals a heavy-duty ice pick to tackle stubborn built up ice or slush from your wheel wells or driveway. The durable aluminum shaft and reinforced ABS head will not bend or break in even the harshest winter conditions and the 12-inch long brush head pivots into 8 pre-set positions so you can reach every inch of your vehicle and sweep, push, or pull the snow from any angle to ensure an unobstructed view for the safest possible drive.

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