Total Chef Yogurt Maker, 1L (1.1 qt) with 7 Glass Jars and Lids, One Touch Operation, White, Perfect for Natural, Organic, Sweetened or Sugar-Free, Flavored, Plain, or Lactose-Free Homemade Yogurt

Total ChefSKU: TCYM-07

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Product Features

  • Save Money and Reduce Waste: 4 cups of milk and 1 tbsp of plain yogurt or probiotic yogurt starter makes about 750mL of delicious natural yogurt, a saving of up to 60% off the cost of store-bought with no plastic tubs to worry about
  • Make Healthy Allergy-Friendly Yogurt: With homemade yogurt, you can avoid allergens, preservatives, artificial flavors, and added sugars; get creative with various animal and plant milks or heirloom probiotics
  • Simple Automatic Operation: With the flip of a switch, the heating element warms up to maintain a constant temperature of 110-115°F (43-46°C) until the yogurt reaches your desired thickness
  • Includes 7 Single-Serving Jars with Lids: Countertop yoghurt-maker set comes with seven dishwasher-safe 150 mL (5.1 oz) glass containers with plastic lids for making, storing and transporting your yogurt
  • Endless Flavor Possibilities: Customize your finished yogurt by adding your favorite fruit, jam, sweetener, or toppings for unlimited flavor combinations that are sure to please everyone

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Product Dimensions: 9.60 x 9.80 x 6.00 in (24.38 x 24.89 x 15.24 cm)
Product Capacity: 1 L (1.1 qt)
Product Weight: 3.82 lbs (1.76 kg)
Package Dimensions: 9.80 x 10.00 x 7.25 in (24.89 x 25.40 x 18.42 cm)
Package Weight: 4.52 lbs (2.08 kg)
Cord Length: 3 ft (0.91m)
Included Components: Heating base; clear cover; 7 glass jars; 7 plastic lids
Color: White
Materials: Plastic, Glass
Power Type: 110V AC
Temperature Range: 110-115°F (43-46°C)
Warranty: 90 days parts and labor

Make healthy homemade yogurt with only two ingredients

Make delicious healthy yogurt at home with the Total Chef Countertop Yogurt Maker. With just two ingredients you can enjoy a natural treat with no added sugar or additives. Mix 1 tbsp of plain yogurt (store bought or saved from a previous homemade batch) into 4 cups of boiled and cooled milk or non-dairy substitute. Pour into jars, place uncovered in the yogurt maker and turn on, and your delicious, all-natural yogurt will be ready in 8-10 hours. Once your plain yogurt is ready, add your favorite fruits, jams, or sweeteners to personalize each serving. The flavor combinations are endless and accommodating dietary needs and requirements is easy!

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