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    (0) Why You Need an Electric Cooler for Your Next Road Trip 

    With the summer season right around the corner, what better way to enjoy the warm weather than hitting the open road for your next road trip. Whether it is camping or picnics in the park and beach BBQs, one of the most important items you’re going to need when traveling is the perfect cooler.  

    Gone are the days of buying buckets of ice to put into your cooler, just for it to all melt and leave you with a large puddle and soggy food.  Electric coolers don’t require any ice. Not only will you save money and time by not having to stop to buy ice, but without ice, you can actually pack a lot more food and snacks for your next trip. 

    12v Cooler - P95

    Features and Benefits 

    Whether you’re taking a road trip or simply running out of room in your refrigerator, an electric cooler can keep food and beverages ice cold.   

    Using an electric cooler you’ll never have to worry about your food and drinks getting warm on the long drive.  Koolatron coolers are powered by the 12 volt plug in your car, RV, truck or boat. Once plugged in, our coolers use less energy than your vehicle’s tail light and are able to keep your food and drinks cold throughout the length of your trip. 

    Koolatron coolers can also be used as warmers. A Warmer is a great option for transporting hot foods to a tailgate party or family gathering.  

    In cold mode Koolatron 12V Cooler Warmers can efficiently cool up to 40°F (22°C) below the surrounding temperature or switch to warm mode to keep contents warm up to 140°F (60°C).

    Electric coolers plug into any 12V outlet for on the go use in your car, truck, or boat and are also compatible with an AC power adapter for indoor use. 

    With a versatile two-way design, you can use electric coolers in a vertical position as a car-fridge or remove the shelves for a classic ice-chest style cooler.  Koolatron electric 12 volt coolers also feature molded inset handles for easy carrying, and an easy to clean stain-resistant lining.



    Whether you’re a long haul truck-driver or someone who enjoys day trips with your friends and family, there is an electric cooler to fit your needs.  

    Want to buy an electric cooler but don’t know where to start?  Check out the list below for 5 great products that will meet all your needs. 

    The D25 soft-sided 12V cooler is the ideal personal cooler. It cools to 40 degrees F below the surrounding temperature to keep drinks, snacks and food cold. It has built in exterior cup holders and pockets for extras like sunscreen or snacks. Plus the smart collapsible design makes it easy to store in your vehicle or home.

    For road trips, the P75 12V Cooler Warmer is the optimal accessory for seamless on the go travel.This cooler’s secure magnetic door seal and removable shelves let you position it either as a classic chest-style cooler or on its side as a front-opening mini-fridge, and the basket style shelves are great for storing fruit, granola bars and cheese.

    Need to pack food and drinks for a crowd or a long distance trip? The P85 Krusader 12V Cooler Warmer holds up to 80 standard soft drink cans and is Koolatron’s largest 12V powered cooler/warmer. If tailgating or camping is in your future, this may be the cooler for you.

    For day trippers, picnickers, and festivalgoers, the P20 Fun Kool 12V Cooler provides maximum cooling and outperforms leading name-brand competitors.  This unique cooler has a removable lid, so if you need to you can also use it as an ice chest. In ice-retention tests, this cooler has proven to keep ice frozen for three full days, when used as an unpowered ice-chest.

    For busy families who are on-the-go, the P20 Slim Compact 12V Cooler Warmer is a great option that is designed to fit between the front seats of standard mini vans. The flip-up lid provides one-handed grab-and-go convenience. 


    Koolatron D25 Cooler gets top marks on the Forbes Best Electric Cooler Line-up for 2022

    Forbes Wheels has crowned the Koolatron D25 Soft-Sided 12 volt cooler as one of the best electric coolers you can buy for 2022. Our cooler was chosen for its packing flexibility and functionality. This iceless cooler plus into any 12 volt plug. It has a 26-quart capacity and can keep your drinks and snack cold and is ideal for use in your car, truck, boat or RV. The D25 Koolatron cooler has a unique collapsible design so you can easily fold it up for compact storage.

    You can check out Forbes review here.

    D25 - 26 Quart Portable Soft Sided 12 Volt Cooler Bag (24.5 Liter Capacity)

    Save time and money while traveling with fewer stops and no expensive restaurant bills. Just pack your Koolatron D25 Hybrid Portable cooler with your favourite food and beverages and plug into your vehicle’s 12V outlet for reliable iceless cooling.

    d25 cooler

    (0) Koolatron’s Wine Cooler featured in ‘This Old House’ is a premier destination for How-to and DIY expert advice for home improvements. This North American multi-platform media organization serves over 20 million consumers each month with trusted home improvement information and expert advice through television shows, a magazine, and its’ trusted website 

    Recently ‘This Old House’ scoured the internet in search of the best wine coolers, and chose Koolatron’s best-selling 20 bottle wine cooler as one of the best products available on the market.  

    You can see their review here.

    Quality 12v Accessories for Your Car and Truck;

    12v Accessories for Your Car and Truck. Make your Drive Smoother!
    So what do you miss the most when you are on the road? A cup of hot coffee or a yummy grilled sandwich maker? Or do you wish for a better heating or cooling device? Are you often worried about devices running off battery when you are on the move or being stuck in the middle of nowhere without proper light and equipment? Whatever the situation, Koolatron has the solution to it! It’s time to bring home every 12v essential and basic appliance to drive without any hassles.

    (0) Keep It Cool With Coors Light – Compact Fridge, Coolers and MORE!

    We All Need a Coors Light Cooler! Sipping on chilled beer after a long day, inviting your buddies for a round of cool Coors or just unwinding by yourself- a chilled Coors Light Beer is the only ingredient you need to make the dullest day, bright and happy!

    (0) Not just any cooler; it’s a Corona Cooler!

    Corona is definitely one of the favorite beers, loved and enjoyed by many! Corona is a global brand name that has made its way to every occasion and all the best parties in town. The worst thing that can happen to a Corona is no cooler! After all, who wants a warm beer when you have tasted the cool Corona?


    Koolatron understands you and your needs and we bring to you our special range of Corona Coolers. Yes, you read that right! A range of coolers especially made for Coronas. You can buy mini can coolers or the vintage 13 l ice chest, or even a thermoelectric cooler. It’s the perfect accessory for your home, office, and mini bar or even when you are going out on a splendid picnic. Keep your Coronas cool no matter what time of the day or where you are.


    We have an exclusive range of Corona coolers of different capacities with unique and original Corona branding to revamp the look of any corner in your home or office space. It’s compact and perfectly fits in any room. Take it with you when you are on the go and always be party ready!


    Corona Coolers at Koolatron are a mark of quality and the assurance of the brand name that it brings to you. Whether you need a small personal cooler or the stainless steel ice chest to keep all the Coronas in the house cool, it’s now easy. It’s an all-in-one cooler as some even come with bottle openers! What more could Corona fans ask for?


    At Koolatron we aim at complete customer satisfaction and our affordable prices are keeping in mind our need to guarantee a delightful shopping experience. Take home your own Corona Cooler from Koolatron.