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    20052 Oskar Folding Snow Brush with Ice Scraper and Squeegee - Product shot, folded up

    Oskar 22” Folding Snow Brush with Ice Scraper and Squeegee

    Product Features

      • TWO-WAY FOLDING BRUSH HEAD Use this innovative snow brush two ways: easily sweep away heavy snow with the brush head doubled up or expand it with the push of a button to push or pull twice as much snow in each pass
      • EXTRA WIDE 16 INCH BRUSH At a full 16 inches, this snow brush has one of the widest heads available, allowing you to move far more snow at a time with less effort than conventional narrower snow brushes
      • COLLAPSES FOR COMPACT STORAGE This vibrant red and black snow brush features a unique collapsible design: Simply detach the ice scraper from the end and clip it to the underside for space-saving storage
      • DETACHABLE ICE SCRAPER The lightweight yet durable ice scraper is made of weather-resistant ABS that can withstand extreme temperatures without cracking or breaking and detaches for light use or to let your passengers help out
      • INTEGRATED SQUEEGEE BLADE Use the built-in 16” wide flexible TPR squeegee blade to clean wet snow, slush, or mud from your windows for clear visibility all year round
    $24.99 (USD)
    19891 - Oskar Ultimate 11 Piece Car Wash Kit - Product Shot, items spread out

    Oskar® Ultimate 11-Piece Car Wash Kit

    Product Features

      • LARGE BUCKET WITH GRATE 4.5 gal (17L) capacity bucket with removeable grate traps grit and debris to prevent scratches and damage to your vehicle
      • DURABLE SCRATCH-FREE BRUSHES Mag wheel brush and fender brush have weather-resistant ABS handles, ergonomic non-slip rubber grips, and soft but powerful bristles
      • 2-WAY DASHBOARD DUSTER Microfibre duster traps dirt and dust while the narrow detailing brush lets you reach into every crevice
      • WASH AND SCRUB SPONGE AND MITT Made of ultra-thick chenille material for maximum soap and water capacity with a strong mesh surface to scrub away bugs and tar with no scratching
      • PROTECT YOUR FINISH Dry with the ultra-absorbent, lint-free LX drying towel before applying wax or polish with the machine-washable applicator pads with easy-grip handle
    $49.99 (USD)
    20045 Oskar 35 Inch Snow Brush with Ice Scraper - Product shot

    Oskar Heavy Duty 35” Snow Brush with Ice Scraper

    Product Features

      • POWER SCRAPING GRIP DESIGN The opening on the reinforced brush head provides an additional handhold for extra power when scraping away hard, built-up snow or ice
      • LIGHTWEIGHT ALUMINUM SHAFT This durable snow brush features a lightweight metal shaft that will not bend or break even in the harshest weather conditions and its 35 inch length is long enough to reach every corner of your vehicle
      • SOFT-TOUCH BRISTLES The 9 inch long head on this heavy-duty snow brush has three rows of soft-touch PVC bristles that are strong enough to remove built-up snow without scratching your vehicle’s finish
      • DURABLE 4” ICE SCRAPER Integrated 4 inch wide ice scraper/ice chipper is constructed of weather-resistant ABS to withstand extreme temperatures without cracking
      • ERGONOMIC NON-SLIP HANDLES This heavy-duty snow brush and ice scraper features a comfortable foam grip for slip-free security plus an additional hand-hold on brush head for extra power when needed
    $17.99 (USD)
    25109 Oskar 3 Piece Vehicle emergency kit - Product shot

    Oskar 3 Piece Vehicle Emergency Kit with Tire Traction Mats

    Product Features

      • BRILLIANT REFLECTORS FOR MAXIMUM VISIBILITY The bright red emergency triangle has three brilliant reflective surfaces to effectively alert approaching drivers and its folding metal base lets you easily and securely set it where it will be most visible, day or night
      • 360 DEGREE HINGES Oskar’s tire traction strips feature a 360-degree dual hinged design that helps them mold to the contours of the ground for increased grip and stability on any terrain
      • MULTIPLE SURFACE TEXTURES FOR TRACTION The emergency traction aids are designed with a variety of surface textures, including ridges and honeycomb openings, for added friction and security in various weather and road conditions
      • WITHSTANDS EXTREME TEMPERATURES The durable emergency traction plates and warning triangle are made of tough polypropylene that can withstand extreme temperatures and multiple uses without cracking, breaking, or fading
      • FOLDING DESIGN FOR COMPACT STORAGE The space-saving folding design lets the two friction treads and emergency triangle in its storage case stacks to only 3” high for compact and accessible storage under car seats or in your trunk or in a backpack for off-road ATVing
    $34.99 (USD)
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