Total Chef Countertop Infrared Oven with Convection Air Circulation, 10L (10.5 qt) Capacity, Roast, Steam, Bake, Broil, Air Fry Fast Cooking without Defrosting, for Cottage, Dorm, Apartment, RV, Home

Color: White
Sale price$199.99 USD



Product Benefits

    • Combines Infrared and Convection Technology: Infrared heating cooks food from the inside out and convection fans circulate hot air for evenly cooked food with a crisp exterior and juicy interior
    • 10L (10.5 qt) Capacity: With its generous 10 liter (10.5 quart) capacity, this infrared oven is big enough to cook a full chicken or roast beef dinner for the whole family or to bring to a potluck
    • Healthy Countertop Cooking: Roast, steam, bake, broil, air fry, and more with little to no oil in this unique electric oven with removable grilling rack and non-stick liner pan for easy cleanup
    • Save Time and Energy: Conduction, convection and infrared technology cooks food 3 times faster using 60% less energy than a traditional oven and even cooks food from frozen with no defrosting needed
    • Adjustable Timer and Thermostat: Simple dial controls let you easily select your cooking temperature with a range of 86°F to 356°F (30°C to 180°C) and set the timer for automatic shut-off

Brand Total Chef
SKU Number Z100B
Capacity 6.4 Qt
Unit Dimensions 13.5 in H x 15 in W x 14 in L
Temperature Control 30°C to 180°C (86°F – 356°F)
Adjustable Temperature Yes
Oven Rack 1
Power 110V
Color White
UPC 059586629020

The convenience of a traditional oven and more right on your countertop
Perfect for dorm rooms, cottages, RVs, and everyday kitchen use, the Total Chef Infrared Oven roasts, steams, bakes, broils, air fries, and much more right on your countertop in one compact appliance. This versatile all-in-one countertop oven combines infrared heat, conduction and convection technology, cooking your food three times faster and using 60 percent less energy than a traditional oven. With a generous 10 liter (10.5 quart) capacity, this unique appliance is big enough for family dinners or potlucks, and the removable grill rack and non-stick pan are easy to clean so you have more time to socialize. From roasts to cakes to fry-up breakfasts, you can use the Infrared Oven for anything you would make in a conventional oven and so much more. Simply place your food inside, set the temperature and cooking time, and this countertop cooker does the rest for you!

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