Kenmore 7 Cu. Ft. (196L) Convertible Upright Freezer/Refrigerator, Garage-Ready, Low-Frost, Reversible Door, Manual Defrost, Removable Glass Shelves, White, For Basement, Garage, Shed, Cottage

KenmoreSKU: KKUF07-W

Sale price $399.99


  • 7 Cu. Ft. Capacity: 2-in-1 fridge/freezer with four tempered glass shelves and an innovative "pizza compartment" for thin flat items is ideal for storing bulk groceries, hosting parties & managing seasonal produce and game
  • Convertible Freezer/Refrigerator: Versatile upright unit adapts to your unique storage needs with simple mechanical switching between refrigeration & freezing modes and temperature range from 10°C (50°F) down to -24°C (-11°F).
  • Garage-Ready in Freezer Mode: Premium insulation and sealing technology maintain consistent operation even in extreme temperatures, making this freezer ideal for your garage, basement, or cabin.
  • Compact Footprint & Reversible Door: With its space-saving flat back design, recessed handle & reversible door, this upright refrigerator/freezer will easily fit wherever you need it.
  • Easy Cleaning & Defrosting: Low-frost technology reduces the need for manual defrosting. Interior and exterior surfaces & removable glass shelves are easy to clean.

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Dimensions (WxDxH): 21.65 x 22.44 x 56.30 in (55.00 x 57.00 x 143.00 cm)
Product Capacity: 6.9 cu ft (196L)
Weight: 97.83 lbs (45.00 kg)
Package Dimensions (WxDxH): 24.41 x 26.18 x 60.83 in (62.00 x 66.50 x 154.50 cm)
Package Weight: 106.52 lbs (49.00 kg)
Temperature range: Freezer -12 to -24°C (10 to -11°F); Refrigerator 1 to 10°C (34 to 50°F)
Color: White
Power Type: 120 Volts
Door Orientation: Reversible
Certifications: CUL, FDA, DOE, NRCAN
Warranty: 2 year limited

Kenmore's convertible refrigerator/freezers put convenience and flexibility right at your fingertips!

With a 7 cubic foot (196 liter) capacity, huge temperature range, and simple mechanical conversion between freezer and refrigerator modes, this 2-in-1 fridge/freezer is suitable for a wide variety of uses such as hosting parties, sorting seasonal produce or game, or managing bulk groceries. Four repositionable glass shelves let you organize your contents to be accessible when you need them and the unique top section is the perfect size for thin, flat items like your favorite frozen pizzas. The upright freezer/refrigerator features a reversible door, space-saving flat back, and easy-to-clean interior. Low-frost technology minimizes the need for manual defrosting and premium insulation ensures the unit is garage-ready when used as a freezer, making it the perfect solution for your basement, garage, or cottage.

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