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    Coca Cola Personal 6 Can Cooler. 12 volt & 220V for you home

    £69.95 incl tax

    Product Benefits:

    • Personal mini fridge cooler featuring classic Coca Cola design – Ideal cooler for use at home or while on the go in your truck, boat or RV
    • Compact 4 L capacity holds up to six cans - interior is 5 x 5 x 8 and includes removable shelf so you can store small items such as yogurt, fruit, juice, bottles, or cheese
    • Features a self-locking recessed door handle – this mini Coke cooler is easy to carry and store when on the go, while traveling in the car, boat or RV
    • Lightweight, compact and portable - 12 volt and 220 volt plugs included
    • Thermoelectric technology – reliable and efficient cooling with no CFCs
    • Cooler and warmer in one - Cools items up to 32 F below ambient temperature or switch to Hot mode to heat items up to 135F (57 C)

    Coca-Cola Can Fridge

    £149.95 incl tax
    • Coca-Cola shaped beverage cooler
    • Cools up to 40°F/22°C below the ambient temperature
    • 10 liter capacity holds up to 12 cans, or two 2 liter bottles
    • One sliding removable shelf
    • Self-locking recessed door handle
    • Operates on 12V or 110/220V (power cords supplied)

    Portable 34 Liters (36 qt) 12v Thermoelectric Travel Cooler or Warmer with Wheels. Ideal for your Vehicle, Boat or RV

    £159.99 incl tax

    Product Benefits:

    • No ice required - Solid state thermoelectric cooling system ensure food and drinks are cold while you are on the go
    • Built in wheels and handle for added convenience – No heavy lifting needed, the wheels make this cooler ideal for taking with you from your vehicle to the campsite
    • 36 quart (34L) capacity holds up to 57 cans – Ideal for taking drinks and snacks to sport events, tail gate parties or for your next road trip with the family
    • Plugs into any vehicle 12V outlet – This lightweight and efficient electric cooler uses less power than your vehicle’s tail light.
    • Cools to 40 F (22 C) below the surrounding temperature – Use it like you would any other cooler except, instead of throwing ice inside simply plug it into any 12V vehicle plug
    • Warming mode can warm food up to 149 F – Use your electric cooler to keep take-out food warm or use it to transport casseroles or warm dishes to a potluck
    • Use horizontally or vertically like a fridge - Fits easily into almost any vehicle. Our electric coolers are the ideal accessory for truckers and road travel.
    • Removable shelf included – Ideal for organizing and separating food and drinks inside this cooler when planning your next camping trip.
    • One year warranty included – We stand by our products to give you peace of mind, and we are confident you will love your Koolatron 12v cooler.
    • Made in North America – Koolatron is a leader in our industry and has proudly made 12 volt coolers in North America for over 30 years.

    Best Cooler & 12v Electric Fridge. Ideal for Camping, Boating, Trucking, and Road Trips. Portable 24 Liter (26qt.) Capacity

    £63.99 incl tax

    Product Benefits:

    • Thermoelectric Cooling Technology – Delivers the cooling power of a block of ice without the mess or cost of ice required for traditional ice chests
    • 26 quart (24 L) capacity holds up to 31 cans – This personal sized 12 v electric cooler comes with a removable sliding shelf to organize your snacks and drinks.
    • Cools to 36 F (18C) below the surrounding temperature – thermoelectric 12 v cooling technology lets you avoid the cost and mess of ice
    • Plugs into any 12 volt power outlet – This portable travel cooler can be used in your car, truck, SUV, boat or RV and is ideal for a picnics or a day at the beach
    • Removable lid and flip-up locking handle – Our iceless coolers are designed to be portable and easy to clean
    • Built-in cord storage compartment – This smart storage compartment will ensure the 12 volt power cord is always on hand when you need on-the-go cooling
    • One year warranty – Koolatron thermoelectric coolers are proudly made in North America and backed with a one year manufacturer’s warranty

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